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I was lucky enough to sit down with my friend Lindsey Regan Thorne (I’ll link her, but I know ya’ll know who she is!) for work last week and we started chatting about the good ‘ol days of blogging.

We’ve both been writing on the internet since the days of sharing what we ate for dinner, posting old grainy photo pics with a Valencia filter and when things around here just felt…easier.

Life and Loving Lately
Most asked about from my time with Lindsey: my lip color! Lip Liner | Lip Gloss

Lindsey told me she recently posted a throw back style Life Lately post and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve got a ton of little life updates to share but haven’t made the time to write them all down for you, so let’s change that, shall we?

Life and Loving Lately
His Coat | sunglasses are mine! | his boots

Gray is currently beyond obsessed with Pokemon, Minecraft and all such things. Sometimes he has an entire conversation with me about building Minecraft things and I think “uh, how did we get here.” If you have a Pokémon obsessed kid, this is Gray’s current must-have.

We recently sat down with both kids for a family meeting and laid out a new “bigger kid” schedule and family roles/expectations and my routine loving boy is here for that new schedule.

Life and Loving Lately
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Georgia is all about her big girl room. She has a new, tall “princess” bed and changes her outfits ten times a day in her closet.

She goes to preschool in person and has learned so much this year (these are the masks we like for both kids because of the fit and fabric!).

Georgia is less thrilled about the new schedule because she has more responsibilities now, but I’m sure she’ll get on board (eventually).

Life and Loving Lately
“A portrait of children in 2021”

And a quick little health update from me that I hope you’ll all read:

Over the past few (well, more than few) months, I’ve been physically feeling really rough. I’ve had exhaustion, brain fog, cycle changes, have been mixing up my words, will sleep for 10-12 hours a night and wake up exhausted and extreme muscle fatigue and soreness.

Life and Loving Lately
Frozen boomerang for your viewing pleasure…
And now you know why I’ve been so obsessed with these pajamas!
I’ve been living in them.

To be honest, I attributed every single one of those symptoms to being a mom in a pandemic.

Literally, even as I type them out, I feel guilty acknowledging them because every single Mom I know is using every single ounce of energy she has to just survive this mess and keep their family afloat.

I assumed the muscle soreness was as a result of being older + really tough work outs and the brain fog was a result of my (already medicated) anxiety.

I also experienced pretty tough mood swings, dipping down into depression and so forth.

Life and Loving Lately
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Again, what mom hasn’t felt like they were drowning in schooling and masking and stay at home orders?

It took a pretty dramatic change in my cycle to finally schedule a doctors appointment. The entire appointment, I was apologizing for taking a spot from a potentially very sick person, down playing my symptoms and suggesting that I’m sure we wouldn’t find anything and I would just tough it out.

Why I felt the need to do this, I don’t know.

Life and Loving Lately
Sweatshirt | Joggers shown | Joggers at a better price 

I am a huge advocate both on social media and in my own life of taking care of our mental health, getting medication if needed, speaking to a professional and not be ashamed of our store bought serotonin.

 But when it came to my physical health, I just couldn’t justify seeking help.

Here’s the thing, if you feel like something might be physically off with your body, please run up to your family medicine doctor.

Life and Loving Lately
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I had blood work done and was significantly deficient in vitamin D. I’m on a simple, 2 month course of rx strength vitamin replacement and should feel so much better once it stores up in my body and my levels break back into the normal range.

Every single one of my symptoms was actually a result of the low Vitamin levels.

They were all easily brushed off but were absolutely telling me that I should be paying attention to my physical health.

Life Lately

And yes, I am so lucky for that to be my only medical issue and for such an easy fix, but a small issue still has an impact so go see your doctor, friends!

One of the best things to come out of 2020 and 2021 for our family is that Justin hasn’t had to travel! We absolutely do not miss his multi-week trips to Asia back to back and have loved having him work closer to home.

I’m not sure he’s so thrilled to work amongst our chaos but luckily he rents an office space near our house for a little solitude.

Life Lately

He and I snuck away for a quick 2 night get away to the Old Edwards Inn over Christmas and I can say that while we don’t miss work travel, we absolutely miss fun travel.

Life and Lately
(Sneak peek of Gray’s room!)

I’ve had so much fun finally sharing finished spaces in House #6 and still have more to go!

Gray’s bedroom and our owner’s bathroom have been photographed and are ready for me to share. I’m still planning and designing our dining room and the playroom and hope to start the actually process in the Spring.

Life and Loving Lately
Similar Bali Fan 

Georgia’s room is mostly done, just waiting on a few details and for her to not wreck in for longer than a minute for photos. The kid’s bath is also ready for its close up after a bit of styling.

As far as more construction goes, we will, at some point, tackle our back yard and patio. I don’t know if it will be in 2021 or be pushed until next year, but the scheming can start soon!

This month, I managed to publish something like 12 blog posts and a new Instagram post almost every day. Usually I take January at a snails pace but this month was a fun one for me – so thank you for all of your enthusiasm over House #6!

February will be full of new spaces to share and I’m already starting the hunt for this year’s best white tee AND I might already be bookmarking bathing suits, too!

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