How To Make Your Bedding Look High End (and the best of Amazon Bedding!)
I’ve said with each and every home renovation, but our bedroom is the last space to ever earn my attention in our homes. 

We just, somewhat unfortunately, prioritize our kids’ rooms and family spaces over creating a retreat for ourselves. 

And while I don’t love that, it’s somewhat just the way the cookie crumbles, you know?
I recently decided that just because we were out of energy and cash to tackle our bedroom decor, we should do something about out bedding. 
We were sleeping on a duvet cover that we received as an engagement gift nearly a decade ago. Buttons were missing, there was a giant rip on one corner and ten years of life was really starting to show. 
I went to Amazon with the plan to update our duvet insert, duvet cover, quilt/bedspread, pillows, shams and sheets for our King bed on a budget, but without sacrificing the comfort and feel.
 It was important to me that I really gave the new bedding a real-deal test before referring it all, so everything has been slept on for over a month, has been washed and dried repeatedly and most has been stain treated.
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How To Make Your Bedding Look High End (and the best of Amazon Bedding!)
I am thrilled (and a little surprised to say) that every budget item but one is a slam dunk.
And the one that didn’t make the cut is actually great quality but had a hidden detail that wasn’t described so it lost recommendation points for that. 

How To Make Your Bedding Look High End (and the best of Amazon Bedding!)

Let’s talk about each piece:

Sheet Set: we like crisp sheets! If you’re in the market for a flannel or tee shirt feel, these won’t be the sheets for you, but if you’re like us and want a crisp, hotel like sheet, this set is amazing. They are wrinkle, stain and fade resistant, come with two pillow cases and are the perfect weight. 
Quilt: I love the pin-tuck design of this quilt. We use the quilt as a comforter, tucked in over the sheets and under the duvet, which is folded at the foot of our bed. The quilt is mid weight, so we’re using it year round. We’ve washed and dried this quilt and are impressed with how it feels! The set also comes with pillow cases, which we’re using and love. 
Pillows: I’m a side sleeper, so finding a pillow that doesn’t hurt my neck (hello, mid-thirties) has been a challenge. My friend Val told me about Coop pillows and I am a convert. The pillows are filled with shredded memory foam so you can unzip the pillow and remove or add as much filling as you’d like. They are on the pricier side, so we have cheap, generic pillows as fillers. 
Euro Pillows: I love this find! These Euro shams are great quality and an amazing price. They are a great fullness and have a synthetic filler that can be “chopped” for that designer look.
Euro Shams: these shams are actually the item that I would not recommend but not because they aren’t soft, but because I ordered two sets (they come in a two pack, I needed three total pillow covers) in white. When the sets arrived, one set has a tone on tone pattern in a stripe and the other has a tone on tone pattern in a windowpane pattern. Nothing in the listing specified the pattern, so I didn’t think twice about it. When they are lined up across my bed, it drives me bonkers to see the mismatched patterns. 
Duvet Insert: this duvet insert is an “all weather” meaning it’s fairly thin. If you’re a warm sleeper or live in the South, this is an ideal weight for a duvet. We actually stuffed our duvet cover with two of these inserts for a fluffier look that wouldn’t make us too hot at night. 
Duvet Cover: This duvet cover is so incredibly smooth and soft. I really love the fabric feel and weight. It’s a true white, button close duvet.
Bed Skirt : a bed skirt is absolutely not a place where I want to spend cash so this clean, modern pleat skirt fit the bill!
Mattress Cover: if you have allergies, you must grab a mattress cover. It makes a huge difference in how we sleep and how rested we feel when we wake up in the morning. We’ve loved this one. 
Throw Blanket : our daughter calls this “the comfy blanket” and she is absolutely correct. It’s soft, warm and snuggly – and just right for a little extra pattern and detail on our bed. 

How To Make Your Bedding Look High End (and the best of Amazon Bedding!)
Want to make your budget bedding look more expensive? 

5 Tips to Make Budget Bedding Look Chic

1. Incorporate Different Textures:
Using different textures in your bedding will instantly elevate the look of your made bed. We paired our pin-tuck quilt with a soft, smooth duvet cover and a textured, fuzzy throw to visually spice things up.
2. Double Stuff Your Duvets
To get that super thick and fluffy duvet look, stuff your duvet cover with two duvets! Once they’re in place, fold your duvet on the end of your bed in a “book turn”. 
If you watch baking shows, you know a book fold is where you lay out the material and fold one end into the center and then the other end into the center on top of it. Folding that way will give you the most fluff possible!
3. Inserts That Can “Chop”
Even if you don’t love down inserts (or are allergic), still grab an insert with filler that can be chopped in the middle. The reason people do the chop is to show that an insert is made of down and thus “fancy” but you don’t have to commit to the price or itchiness of down for the look!
4. Downsize The Pillow Insert
To make sure those choppable inserts look their best, stuff them into a sham that is one size smaller than the insert. The full look makes them look custom – and more sleek when the bed is made. 
5. Tone on Tone
I love bedding in all one color pallet but consider adding in shades of the same color to make it look thoughtful in design. 
All of our bedding is shades of white, but includes off white and a soft cream. Quilts, throw blankets and pillow covers are great places to add in soft tone changes.  

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How To Make Your Bedding Look High End (and the best of Amazon Bedding!)