Aerie Swim Try On

I would like to officially welcome Aerie to the Olive and Tate swim try on world! 

I am a bit sheepish to admit that this is the very first time that I have ever tried on anything from the Aerie line up, let alone swimwear…and I have been missing out. 

I tried on four suits by Aerie and learned a ton about their fit, which will be important for any of you who are tall like me, long in the torso or who question whether they should opt for a Long option if available. 

Even though I’m 5’9″, I carry most of my height in my legs and am relatively proportional in the torso, so I don’t typically opt for a Long. Because this was my first time with Aerie suits, I did order my size in a long in one of the suits and the fit is absolutely better than the straight sizing. 

If you are tall, have long torso or hover between a Long and straight size, you will absolutely want to opt into the Long. I will point it out with each suit, but when I went with a straight size, the pull on my shoulders was noticeable/the strapless hit low enough that I felt like I need to pull it up a bit to ensure my boobs weren’t at risk of popping out. 

And now let’s talk about quality.

Aerie will land in the middle of the price point range of our 2021 try on so I was really interested to see the details in make and materials. 

I am pleased to report that I am really impressed with the little nods Aerie made to ensure fit was smooth and comfortable on all body shapes.

 All of the materials felt sturdy and not a stitch was loose on any of the suits. It can be a bit nerve wracking to recommend swimwear to so many people of different body styles, so I make sure to do my due diligence when sharing a new-to-me brand. 

Aerie offers an extended size range (XS-2X) and features an incredibly diverse line up of models, which is wonderful to see when swimsuit shopping.  

For full video try ons, head to my Instagram story highlights called ’21 Swim

Ok, let’s get down to it! 

My Stats:

Height: 5’9″

Bust: DD

Jean size: 30

Top and Tee size: Large

General Sizing: 8-10

I consider my True To Size (TTS) to be a large/10. 

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Aerie Swim Try On (Size Large!)

Wrap Front One Piece

If you’re on my email list, you got a sneak peek of this suit last week because I just know it’s going to be insanely popular! 
You guys, the fit of this suit is amazing. Even thought I returned to order a long, I felt so dang amazing in this bathing suit. 
Here’s what makes it so good: the wrap ruffle v neck is not a true wrap. It’s a traditional suit cut with a slight v that is sewn together with the ruffle wrap on top to make it appear to be a wrap. 
There is nothing more flattering than a wrap style (the iconic Diane VonFurstenburg dresses come to mind) but I don’t want an actual wrap in a swimsuit. I don’t want to worry if I have thing tied and place correctly or if it will all come undone thanks to a grabby toddler at the splash pad. 
This suit will give you the insanely flattering look of a wrap without the hassle. 
The straps are comfortable, with adjustable length and a ruffle detail, the belt is long and meant to be triple wrapped and tied for a short knot or double wrapped and tied in a bow/with longer tails. If it comes undone, it won’t let anything out, just re-tie it and move along! 
If this suit came in solid colors, I would buy every single one. This is the most flattering and comfortable suit I’ve tried on it quite some time. 
Bust: adjustable straps, removable cups, shelf bra
Leg: high 
Rear: full coverage
Shown In: Fresh Bright
Wearing: large (need a large long)
Aerie Swim Try On (Size Large!)

Coral Tie Front Cut Out One Piece

Ok, ladies! This is a great suit for those of us who want a little peek-a-boo vibe without wading into the two piece section.
 This suit is so damn comfy and does come with straps if you’d prefer not to go strapless. I’d like to point out that I am wearing a large but need a large long, which is apparent when you notice how low the top hits on my bust-line. I returned for a large long and the cut allows for more top coverage. 
When you go to put this one on, make sure you get it all in place before you judge it.
 I went to pull it on and parts and pieces starting popping out of cut outs and I was a little nervous. But truly once you get it on, adjust the tie if needed and so forth, this little number is perfect. 
I got a lot of requests this year for sexier swim wear for adult vacations and I think this one fits the bill! I thought it was comfortable, crazy flattering and sexy – and that’s saying something considering this suit is the most I’ve exposed my stomach in years. 
Bust: no wires, removable cups, only a shelf bra to hold in the pads. removable straps included
Leg: mid-high 
Rear: full coverage
Shown In: Calypso Red
Wearing: large (need a large long)
Aerie Swim Try On (Size Large!)

Scalloped One Piece 

Our splash pad suit! Remember in our Amazon try on when I said thicker materials like ribbing and waffle were making a big appearance in swim this year? 
Meet the waffle scalloped one piece!  
At first I was worried to add anything that might have a little bulk to my body but the waffle material actually slims, holds in and conceals thanks to it’s thicker make. 
I found it to be incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear – plus this scallop look is a much friendlier price point than others on the market!
I am not wearing the correct size in this suit, which is why the neckline appears to be extra scooped. It hits higher when fitting correctly, so please keep that in mind! 
Even fitting as is, I thought it was a comfy, easy wear. I don’t think anything is flying out of this suit and the back scoop detail is so feminine and pretty. 
Bust: no wires, removable cups, only a shelf bra to hold in the pads. thick straps are very supportive
Leg: mid-high 
Rear: full coverage
Shown In: Rally Green
Wearing: large (need a large long)
Aerie Swim Try On (Size Large!)

One Shoulder Scallop Detail Suit

Ok, let’s do the scallop waffle in a one shoulder and in the correct fit! This is the large long and you can see that it hits across my bust line at a much better spot. This fabric is still super comfy and holds it all in while streamlining the shape of my midsection. 
This shade of royal blue is so gorgeous in person but it’s also available in black and coral.
I am wearing a Large Long in this suit and you can see how the neckline hits where it should across my bust. 
Bust: no wires, removable cups, only a shelf bra to hold in the pads
Leg: mid-high 
Rear: full coverage
Shown In: Jeweled Blue
Wearing: large long 

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