Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021
Instead of creating a round up of February best sellers from Amazon, this month I thought I would share the random things my family has ordered over the past few months. 
Truth be told, all of the Amazon best sellers from February were swim suits from this post, and I’m guessing there’s a fellow Pokemon mom out there wondering how to contain all of those cards that are all over her house, so let’s get down to the randomness! 
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Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

1. Ultra Thin Gold Hoop Earrings
I actually ordered another pair of gold hoops and lost them the first day that I wore them! They had a similar closure but one that didn’t loop all the way through like the pair linked. One must have snagged on my mask and was pulled out. 
This is the replacement pair I ordered and love the closure. 
They also came with clear plastic stoppers to ensure they stay closed. They are so very lightweight – you truly don’t even realize that you’re wearing them. And that price point is insane. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021
2. iRobot Roomba 
We owned a Roomba once years ago but it was broken in a move, so this is our first in probably 5 years. The technology has changed like crazy and this Roomba version connects to an app. 
The app allows you to create cleaning zones, set the times that it runs, see when it’s caught on something, etc. It’s also voice activated and cleans carpets + hardwoods. 
I’ve been really impressed with how it senses and navigates our playroom, which always has stuff on the floor. It moves around even the smallest of toys instead of sucking them up, a major upgrade from our older version. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

3. Acrylic Lap/Bed Desk
I love working from my bed – it’s my fave spot to prop up my laptop – but it was starting to hurt my back a bit. 
I upgraded my work from bed game with this clear bed desk. It’s very petite, just spanning my lap and works perfectly for propping up my laptop or notebook. 
When I’m not using it, I just pop it into my closet – and because it’s on the smaller side, it doesn’t take up much space. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

4. Work Out Tanks – 3 Pack
This is the second time I’ve purchased this 3 pack of tanks because they’re all I reach for when I head to Burn Bootcamp workouts.
 I love how soft they are and think they’re very flattering – a great length and no clinging to the tummy. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

5. Longline Sports Bra
This is the sports bra that I wear under the tanks above. It’s cut with a high neck and covers your rib cage, making it perfect for tops that have a wide underarm cut.
 It could also be worn with high waist leggings as a crop top! It’s soft, supportive and is available up to a 2X. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

6. Kid’s Face Mask
This 3 pack of face masks is our go-to for our 3 year old. She’s tiny and hard to find a face mask that fits appropriately, but these work perfectly. 
They also have soft ear straps that stay secure which keeps her from messing with them. 
They’re washable and reusable – I wash them in a lingerie bag and then hang them to dry. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

7. Boys Undies
6 pairs of little boy’s undies for under $20! Available in a million patterns and designs, we picked these up for our six year old and he’s been happy with them. 
The fit and quality made me happy, too.
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

8. Aquaphor
We live for Aquaphor. We used to keep the giant tub on hand but with germs and such, we made the move to this squeeze tube. 
Georgia has chapped lips, I had my eyebrows microbladed again, Justin’s skin cracks on his hands from all of the washing and Aquaphor fixes it all. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

9. Foot/Shoe Size Measurement Tool
This is probably the best $10 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.
 I don’t know how or why, but my kids feet like to randomly grow like two sizes at once. 
I don’t want to bring them into stores just to be measured so we snagged the same tool they use in store to measure their feet at home. Measures adults, too! 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

10. Frisbee/Flying Hoop
Our kids love throwing a frisbee and our last one bit the dust. I chose this flying hoop for a few reasons, one being that the hoop makes it easier for them to catch. 
You can stick your arm out and snag the hoop that way, through the center, or catch it the traditional way. Also, the center being fabric means less crying when it inevitably bonks someone right in the forehead. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

11. Pokemon Card Storage Binder
Pokemon cards are
I picked up this 50 page binder for Gray so that he can organize, store and contain that crazy. Each page has 4 pockets to fit traditional Pokemon cards, the outside is waterproof, the zipper is meant to prevent moisture from seeping in and there’s a handle for easy carrying. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

12. The Ordinary Squalene Serum
My life giving face oil. I use it religiously, morning and night, and love the feel. 
It does an amazing job (better than a higher end similar product that I’ve used in the past) and has the best price point of any face oil. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

13. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
I own this pair of blue light blockers in two colors because I love the shape and fit so much. 
I wear them as much as possible while working to prevent headaches and attempt to keep migraines at bay. The frames are oversized, so if you have petite features, skip this pair, but if you like an oversized look, this is the pair for you. 
Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021

14. USB Lighter
A rechargeable lighter that doesn’t have lighter fluid inside! You charge this lighter with the included USB charger and never need to purchase another lighter again. 
I love the flexible neck design for a few reasons but mostly because it fits in my kitchen drawers without taking up too much space! 

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Recent Amazon Purchases Winter 2021