World Market Finds

World Market Finds
1. Black Cane Dining Chairs | 2. Amber Glass Table Lamp  | 3. Grey Persian Style Rug 
4. Neutral Mixing Bowl Set | 5. Black Wood Dresser | 6. Scalloped Pendant Lamp 
7. Twisted Leg Accent Table | 8. Two-Tone Jug Vase | 9. Marble Elefant Book Ends | 10. Cane Bench
Having your own space, whether a house, apartment, room, studio – you name it – means you really need to adore it. Think about it – you’re home a majority of your free time and who wants to look at four walls and not be inspired. One of my favorite places to shop for home furnishings and decor is World Market!
I wanted a modern chic vibe that didn’t scream “night at the museum – look but don’t touch” when decorating my home. I wanted it to feel warm, elegant and put together. I could focus on simple maintenance and not want to redecorate every other season. Come along for the ride while I break down my World Market Finds that help set up the perfect living space for me and my family and could be great inspo for you!  
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1. Black Cane Dining Chairs: These Black Cane Dining Chairs are so sexy and classic. The natural cane back brings me back to my childhood in a way that makes me feel cozy and surrounded by loved ones. A black wood frame, with gold-dipped legs, and a beige cushioned seat is pure elegance. These are what we have in our dining room. 
2. Amber Glass Table Lamp: I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about the color amber that always makes me think “rich” and “precious”. This Amber Glass Table Lamp gives a touch of color to any room or entryway and makes a bold statement. The design is fresh and very minimalistic.  
3. Grey Persian Style Rug: Rugs are a wonderful accessory to living spaces and are a simple way to bring life to the room. This Grey Persian Style Rug is playful and intricate while also being subtle enough to work well with any decor style. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures no matter what your decor vibe is.   

4. Neutral Mixing Bowl Set: This Neutral Mixing Bowl set embossed with intricate forest scenes is beautiful. Truth be told I’d prefer to use them around the house with decorative filler (wicker balls, wooden figures, wrapped moss) however, they are a dreamy addition to your kitchen set.  
5. Black Wood Dresser: Am I the only one who sees black furniture and thinks it’s such a vibe! Don’t get me wrong, whites and neutrals are always top tiers in my book, but strong pieces like this Black Wood Dresser would look amazing in a boy’s room or for a guest room. 
6. Scalloped Pendant Lamp: Ladies and Gentlemen get rid of the boob lights! There I said what everyone is thinking. I blame and simultaneously thank social media for bringing this to the public’s attention. Decorating is a wonderful game of risk and reward. Ceiling lamps like this Scalloped Pendant Lamp are great to open up a room and give it dimension, even texture! Lighting is an aspect of decor that many overlook because they’re afraid it’ll be overbearing. A design like this is unique, elegant, and stylish.
7. Twisted Leg Accent Table: So I have a love/hate relationship with accent tables. Most of the time they’re extremely repetitive in style and keep brandishing the same touches. Blah! Now, this Twisted Leg Accent Table is fabulous! It is the essence of an accent table. Functional and brings something to your decor that says something about your style. 
8. Two-Tone Jug Vase: Shelf styling for me is equal parts eye twitching and pure satisfaction. And the girls who get it, get it! haha. There are an endless array of vase choices out there but finding a piece totally out of the norm is exciting. This Two-Tone Jug Vase is perfect for shelf styling. A neutral color scheme with a bright tone allows you to add greenery for an added effect or leave it alone for impact. 
9. Marble Elefant Book Ends: Pretty much anything elefant is a go in my book. Beautiful, majestic creatures that symbolize strength, health, and overall good fortune. I love these Marble Elefant Book Ends in all white. An abstract design that doesn’t complicate styling and can be worked into any room or design vibe. 
10. Cane Bench: Benches are great and I think everyone should have one! lol, I’ve been into a few different bench styles over the years and this Cane Bench is one of my absolute favorites. Another cane back design with a wooden frame in a natural finish. Do not be afraid to add a bench in your kitchen, mudroom, master bath, and throw some love on it with colorful accent pillows and a lush throw. Get creative!