Target Home for Fall

 1. Fluted Glass Candle | 2. Set of 3 Wood Shelf Filler | 3. Wood Serving Trivet
4. Black and Glass TV Stand 5. Wood Ottoman Stool | 6. Plaid Fringe Blanket 
7. Soapstone Bookends | 8. Green Bowl | 9. Six Light Chandelier 
10. Marble Top Accent Table | 11. Woven Wood Chairs | 12. Moroccan Wool Shag Rug 

If anyone is really upset about the Summer ending, I have the perfect cure: Target Home for Fall! 
Target always comes through with beautiful textures, moody accent pieces, and a wide range of prices. There is something here for everyone. Looking to revamp your space check out the bigger furniture pieces and if you’re looking for a quick facelift to the space you have your pick of eye-catching accent pieces.  
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 1. Fluted Glass Candle: Sustainability is a huge deal when making decor purchases. You want items you can reuse or revamp for when you get the urge to purge. A Fluted Glass Candle like this can be used for its amazing scent and then repurposed as a trinket holder or even with a new candle if you’re a true DIY gal/guy.

2. Set of 3 Wood Shelf Filler: Finding shelf filler’s can be a serious artwork but Target has made it simple this Fall. This Set of 3 Wood Shelf Filler’s is so aesthetically pleasing. It matches any color decor and would look great in any room in your home. 

3. Wood Serving Trivet: I love serving wear and wooden serving wear is just a “chef’s kiss”. This Wood Serving Trivet is perfect for breakfast pastries or to wow any dinner guests with an extra treat at the end of the evening.
4. Black and Glass TV Stand: I swoon for Black decor and I’m getting everything it has to give with this Black and Glass TV Stand. Enough said! 
5. Wood Ottoman Stool: Cute and to the point, this Wood Ottoman Stool is great for smaller spaces where you want your furniture to be adaptive and hold multiple purposes. You can use this as an ottoman or accent table!
6. Plaid Fringe Blanket: We can never have enough blankets and throws, am I right? Plaid Fringe Blanket in neutral colors for the Fall – run to check out. 
7. Soapstone Bookends: Soapstone Bookends are unique and display the most distinct look and color. Easy buy to change up your space. 
8. Green Bowl: Delicate and resourceful, this Green Bowl can be used as accent decor in the kitchen or pantry area. I love the jade color and the almost ombre look. 
9. Six Light Chandelier: Lighting is so stressful to shop for, in my humble opinion, but this Six Light Chandelier?! I mean can we get any more high-end vibes from this Target buy?! Don’t walk run. 
10. Marble Top Accent Table: Marble is a sexy material for any room. This Marble Top Accent Table adds elegance to any room hassle-free. Top with an indoor plant or candles and/or book set. 
11. Woven Wood Chairs: These Woven Wood Chairs are the ultimate accent for any living space. The quality is great and the look is so classic you can make it very tropical, with green decor, or go completely boho with a mod throw. 
12. Moroccan Wool Shag Rug: Less can most definitely be more and this Moroccan Wool Shag Rug is simply that. A delicate design with a shaggy texture and beautiful neutral colors.