The Best STEM/STEAM Gifts for Kindergarteners

 1. Walkie Talkies* | 2. Instant Print Camera | 3. Photo Flashlight
4. Name Crayons* | 5. Yeti Kids Cup*
6. Osmo* | 7. Glow In The Dark Fort Building Kit
8. Squigz* | 9. Found It Indoor Scavenger Kit
10. LCD Doodle Board | 11. Light Up Dance Mat | 12. Personalized I Can Change the World Book*
13. Unicorn or Dino Kids Baking Set | 14. Personalized Lab Coat 
15. Fairy Garden Kit | 16. Wooden Color Pencil or Crayon Holder 
17. Ninja Warrior Set* | 18. Talking Kids Microscope
19. Big Kids Bike | 20. The Marker Parker
I swear our Kindergarteners are 5 going on 15 and thus we have stepped up our Gift Guide this year for them to make sure they are engaged, entertained, and wow’ed. I’ve worked hard on giving you top-quality and ready-to-ship gifts.

Unique art gifts, active play sets, and toys to give everyone’s body moving and grooving! Science and engineering-focused gifts that stimulate those growing minds and imaginations. Price points for everyone and gifts the whole everyone will enjoy. 

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 1. Walkie-Talkies*: Best Gift Ever, OVER! 

2Instant Print Camera: This is a great step before a real Polaroid. It prints on paper! Georgia has it and loves it. All the fun with less commitment. 
3. Photo Flashlight: This is actually a really sweet gift. Create memories for your kids with a Photo Flashlight to display their best moments uniquely. 
4. Name Crayons*: Name Crayons are honestly badass and cool for any artist. 
5. Yeti Kids Cup*: Another Best Seller that makes kids and moms alike happy. Yeti is an amazing brand and its cups stand up to kindergarteners’ crazy lifestyle. 
6. Osmo*: We own and love. Osmo, Gray plays with the coding set and it has grown with him.
7. Glow In The Dark Fort Building Kit: We’ve had and used this Glow In The Dark Fort for insane fun. Love this for a family with multiple little ones. 

8. Squigz*: I’ve listed Squigz before and with reason. They are simple and yet so fun! They can be used anywhere they stick, bath, car, or playroom. 

9. Found It Indoor Scavenger Kit: Found It! Indoor Scavenger Kit is a great gift for kids to take to Nan’s, on days when it’s cold and you’re stuck indoors, or on trips to a family member’s home. Keep the kids entertained and working together. 
10. LCD Doodle Board: Perfect gift for a kindergartener on the move! Easy to store in the car, in a bag for trips, or for downtime between activities. 
11. Light Up Dance Mat: I love this! A Light Up Dance Mat equals daily dance parties! 
12. Personalized I Can Change the World Book*: Have your little one get lost in a story that features them changing the world! 
13. Unicorn or Dino Kids Baking Set: We own kid knives from this brand and love them! Such durable products from a reliable brand. 
14. Personalized Lab Coat: Everyone loved the lab coats we gave as party favors for Gray’s birthday this year, so I had to include a personalized lab coat on The Guides! 
15. Fairy Garden Kit: Fairy Gardens became serious during the pandemic, and the craze isn’t dying. I love this gift idea for quality parent/kid time. Also available in safari, gnomes, and dinosaurs. 
16. Wooden Color Pencil or Crayon Holder: Montessori Wood Color Pencil or Crayon Holder encourages color association and is aesthetically pleasing for all parents. Win-win. 
17. Ninja Warrior Set*: Ok, hear me out, this is so cool! I mean,  this will make you that parent. Haha – endless fun and exercise (for you that is).  For a lower price point option check here
18. Talking Kids Microscope: For the next Bill Nye the Science Guy or Gal. The Microscope gives out over 100 facts and questions based on the images. 
19. Big Kids Bike: This is a foolproof gift that will stand the test of time and interest. Behold the Big Kids Bike. 
20. The Marker Parker: Legitimately a parking space for your kid’s markers. Brilliant and just fun to look at!