The Top 20 STEM Toys for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are a ball of fun. Curious, bubbly, and very opinionated little people. This year’s Gift Guide is jam-packed with Best Sellers that will keep them engaged and super excited. Plus, we’re talking minimal mess and quite creative. 
Sustainability is important to us and these gifts are going to grow with your babes and with your family. Perfect for playing and loving for years to come. Gender-neutral picks, STEM options, and all affordable. So go on ahead and send your favorites from the list to everyone you know and get ready to witness the biggest smiles of the year!  
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1. Wooden Balance Board*: We’ve owned one for years and love the quality. It’s long-lasting and the kids never get bored of it. Their skill level simply improves and they get more creative with using it lol.

2Magna Tiles*: Want to see your preschooler get lost in the land of imagination. Magna Tiles are impressively fun and encouraging. Build shapes, cities, and characters, the sky is the limit. 
3. 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel: This 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel is fantastic! The display pops right off for on-the-go fun. Comes with markers and magnets too. 
4. Ready-to-Rise Clock: For the early risers, this Ready-to-Rise Clock gives them color and facial cues for when it’s time to get up or to stay sleeping. Simple to follow and frankly adorable. 
5. Night Sky Projector Night Light: For your growing astronomer. A simple yet truly impressionable gift. Make bedtime a bit more educational and fun by looking at the night sky right in their room. 
6. Sit or Stand Scooter*: I swear scooters are fun at any age. The Sit or Stand Scooter is great for little legs learning to maneuver a scooter and needing breaks in between. 
7. Kids Fire Tablet*: The Fire Tablet is great for allowing screen time with solid parental controls. Give them access to what you’re truly comfortable with and with time discretion.

8. Personalized Wooden Step Stool: I love personalized gifts for kids. Gives them that extra special feeling of being acknowledged. This Personalized Wooden Step Stool with its name is fun and functional. 
9. Balance Bike*: Before you jump onto the tricycle check out a Balance Bike. Great for learning how to work a bicycle, practice balance, and overall motor functions. 
10. Stomp Rocket*: The Stomp Rocket is good old fashion fun. Simply stomping away to shoot air pressure through a tube and a rocket in the air. Love!
11. Play Sink*: If your kiddos are anything like mine they love to play in the kitchen and in the sink. A Play Sink gives them their own space to wash dishes and vegetables, and pretend cook.
12. Geosafari Binoculars*: The hold these Binoculars have on kids is amazing. Geosafari Binoculars are fit for small hands and little faces. They make any trip, target, grocery shopping, the zoo (haha), a whole exploration. 
13. Touch and Learn Activity Desk*: A Touch and Learn Activity Desk is great for overall learning and lasts for years! Anything from numbers to animals, activities, and colors.
14. Indoor Outdoor Double Trampoline*: Trampolines are fun for everyone and sometimes they are just what moms and dads need to get those extra wiggles out. Now, bringing the trampoline inside or leaving it out is a winning factor. 
15. Play Bathroom Vanity With Working Sink: Working on morning and night routines? This Play Bathroom Vanity is super cool to practice hygiene in a way that’s fun for everyone. Plus, it has a working sink! 
16. Dress Storage Rack: Dress-up time has just been upgraded. How adorable is this Dress Storage Rack with a mirror included?! 
17. Bounce House*: There couldn’t be a kid’s gift guide without the bounce house! This is the number 1 best seller of all time. When I tell you it saves you so much money in the long run – no lies told. 
18. Ocean Adventure Play-Dough Sensory Kit*: Sensory kits are always exciting and sustainable. Use them over and over, even swap them out for different kits and come back like it’s the first time. This Ocean Adventure Play-Dough Sensory Kit is really diverse. 
19. Classic Red Rain Boots: Hunter is an amazing company with quality products. Classic Red Rain Boots that are durable and fashionable would make any preschooler feel cool. 

20. Number Loving Oven: Preschool prep for little chefs, it helps kids count while cooking and serving. It comes with 16 fun ingredients all included. More than 30 sounds and phrases for kitchen learning and the best part, it packs up for on-the-go fun.