The Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

 1. Easy Carry Wrap It Storage Straps | 2. Send Noods: Noodle Recipes 
3. Throwback Handheld Game Console | 4. Interesting Facts for Curious Minds
5. Death Star Car Coasters | 6. Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case | 7. LED Flashlight Gloves 
8. Silicone Oven/Grill/Smoker Gloves | 9. LED HeadLamp 2 Pack 
10. Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 
Stocking stuffers, unfortunately, get bumped to the back of the mental load when it comes to prepping for the holidays. So let’s minimize your “oh crap, I forgot…” list and get you prepped with the coolest stuffers on the market. 
There are various price points as usual and different needs/interests to go around! 
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 1. Easy Carry Wrap It Storage Straps: This is a double-win gift. You know the ones you buy him but in the end, you’re going to get the most use out of – hahaha. The Easy Carry Wrap It makes carrying a multitude of bags or heavier items a breeze. Definitely a very useful stuffer. 

2Send Noods: Noodle Recipes: For the resident “I only know how to make ramen” chef of your household. Spruce up his menu selection with Send Noods: Noodle Recipe book. Cheeky and yummy!
3. Throwback Handheld Game Console: Gamer guys are going to literally explode at how awesome this gift is. A Throwback Handheld Game Console is perfect for traveling, waiting in the car or in the mall, and bathroom appointments. 

4. Interesting Facts for Curious Minds: I like to think of this book as ammunition for awkward dinner silences. Funny I know, but everyone loves a good factoid and this book holds 1572 of them. 
5. Death Star Car Coasters: The Star Wars fanatics can never have too much. Death Star Car Coasters will really be appreciated. 

6. Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case: So cute even I want one. Custom Pet Portrait Phone Cases with their fur babies. We all know how proud dog dads are. 

7. LED Flashlight Gloves: I’ll be honest, I know these LED Flashlight Gloves have a target market but I also know any man will find good use for them. Whether functional or pure entertainment. haha. 
8. Silicone Oven/Grill/Smoker Gloves: No more grill burns! They’re cool in design, functional, and a great color. 
9. LED HeadLamp 2 Pack: For the camper, runner, and the one in charge of figuring out “what that noise is” outside in the middle of the night. 
10. Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Everyone can appreciate a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and this combination Phone Stand one is perfect for offices and well, bathroom trips.