This Friday morning is a bit too hazy for a full post – blame it on the copious amounts of pasta, bread, booze and gossip from Thursday night’s Downtown Alive (a Summer tradition in Greenville – a must do if you’re ever in town!). I think Friday’s are going to be a photo post kind of day on Newlyweds:North so I’m launching the tradition today – hence forth (oh, fancy!) Friday posts will be “A Week in Photos”. 
Now maybe Justin will stop complaining about me taking pics of everything with my phone!
Aaaaaand, maybe my friends who are too busy to read the super long and wordy posts I tend to favor (you know, because they work!) will appreciate some light reading on a Friday (love you, will miss you the most!).
1. Penobscot River, Downtown Bangor
2. Artisphere, Greenville, SC 
3. Rain boots in the wine store
4. Tracks
5. Gummy Land, Bar Harbor
6. Lobster Lunch, Bar Harbor 
7. Little River, Downtown Bangor
Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll!

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