5 on Friday: What I’m Watching
Ya’ll, I have the worst taste in television.
I will freely admit it. Justin typically won’t even watch TV with me, my roommates from the past have come home to me watching Maury, Dr. Phil and Toddlers and Tiaras.  And you know what?
 I love every second of it. 
What can I say? Bad TV is my vice (along with wine….and carbs….and not exercising…whatever).
Summer happens to be prime time for bad TV and I am here to give you my current list of what I won’t miss!
Alaska: The Last Frontier
Discovery Channel
Ya’ll, this show is nuts. As we sit glued to our seats, we watch a mulit-generational family of Homesteaders try to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Highlights include: the episode where the outhouse of frozen gross-ness got to full and the outhouse had to be moved, milking of goats, and the main question of all: where did these people find wives? Because this one is on the Discovery Channel, it’s the least embarrassing to watch. A good starting point if you’re new to bad TV.
Real Housewives of New Jersey
I obviously watch all of the Housewives franchises, especially if I get sucked into a Bravo Marathon (they are SO good at wasting a complete Sunday!) but New Jersey keeps me coming back on Sunday nights. Those bitches are crazy…and the fact that they are all family in some way shape or form makes it so much better/worse. 
The Voice
Eh, I was into it, but now it’s super boring. I was sad to hear that Xtina is coming back – I was really liking Shakira as a Coach.
Newlyweds: The First Year
 For some reason, Bravo really isn’t pushing this series as far as advertising goes…but in my opinion, they should be. It’s clearly not as wild as Housewives but honestly, I believe that’s because it’s not scripted. Real, live Newlyweds are being followed for their first year of marriage and it.is.interesting. The couple who dated for less than a year before marriage and then got pregnant 3 months into their first year has me riveted. Keep an eye out for Tina, the Indian celebrity who marries a Caucasian man on the sly…she’s feisty and her sense of style is…I can’t think of the right word….you’ll just have to judge for yourself!
Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel
I just can’t let this show go. I’ve been an avid viewer since the very first episode and I love it. It’s manly, smelly (I assume), rough and dangerous. And, if you need a bad TV fix in front of your husband, this one is a safe bet!
On Deck:
 Breaking Pointe, The CW
follows aspiring ballet dancers as they reach for their dreams of being Prima Ballerinas at Ballet West (low budget, big drama = summer win)
Pitch Perfect
Just like all products of a religiously affiliated education should watch the movie Saved, anyone who was in a choir or theater of any kind should watch Pitch Perfect. Actually, everyone should watch Pitch Perfect – tons of famous people (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson) and really, really funny. Just do it.  
And now I have successfully contributed to the rotting of your brain.
You are welcome!