“Home” is an interesting word to me these days. I’m not exactly sure what it means anymore. The last time I flew to Maine, I sent Justin a text that said I was “Home!” from the Bangor runway…and then when I left, a text that said I was “home” when I made it to our house in South Carolina.
This morning I woke up in the place I’ve been lucky enough to call Home for 20 years. My parents house is in Williamsburg, Virginia where the walls are are a shrine to my awkward phase(s), matching sibling ensembles and 3rd grade art. This place is important – it makes me feel whole. 

 Last night we had an easy dinner on the deck…it was Heaven. 

Aaaaand I may or may not have had a few glasses of wine and then put on my wedding dress. Is that weird?? It’s just so pretty…and it was just laying there….one last time couldn’t hurt right? 

Oooooh yes it could. That bad boy wouldn’t even come close to zipping. It hasn’t even been a month yet! I kept telling my mom it was because I wasn’t wearing spanx (which I didn’t wear on my wedding day so I don’t know why that would make things better) and she kindly told me she thinks it’s probably all the traveling I’ve been doing (and the Honeymoon – but she said that under her breath to my dad….). 

That shit is real life.