Hey ya’ll! Today I’m linking up with April’s cute blog for her Spill About Your L-O-V-E Link Up Party. I love Link Ups because they help spur my creativity – and today, I’m being forced to talk about my Love, Justin. Normally, I prefer to tease him or give him a hard time, but since today is a day for   L-O-V-E, I’ll play nice and be sweet.
Question 1: Describe your dating life before you met your Husband
Weeeeeell now, let’s see…..I dated casually, seriously, half way moved in with someone, went on blind dates, group dates, friendly hang outs and spent time at the best See And Be Seen establishments that Charlotte had to offer. Living in Charlotte while single and in your early twenties is really just plain fun. I went through some hard times (and some really hard times) in my love life before I met Justin, but I sure had a blast doing so. By the time I met Justin, I was super ready to settle down. I wasn’t quite ready to leave my favorite city on Earth but about a year and a half into our relationship I packed up and headed south to Greenville to live with my Love. 
Young and Fun in Charlotte with Jamie, my roommate for years
Question 2: Tell us something about your Husband that we wouldn’t know from reading your blog
Justin is incredibly silly. He makes up songs and dances and funny voices constantly. 
Sometimes it drives me nuts but mostly I adore it.

Question 3: Describe your Husband in one word
That’s hard for me because I would be what one might consider “verbose”. I think the best single word that I can come up with is “center”. Justin is my center – he makes me feel grounded when I’m scattered, home when we are vagabonds and calm when I’m crazy. This ability to make me present in the now is why I insisted that we have a First Look on our Wedding Day. I knew seeing him would center me and calm me. It was the best decision I made through the entire planning process.

Question 3b: How would he describe me in one word?
His answer: “stress ball”. 
So loving. 
See, I’m not always stressed!
Question 4: What is one thing that you did in front of your Husband that you never thought you’d do?
Eat an entire bag of Doritos. 
And not a snack sized bag. 
He found me hiding in the pantry covered in orange dust. 
And he married me anyway!
P.S. Justin just told me he wants to change the word he would use to describe me to “Wino”.