Brace yourselves ya’ll, this is going to be one heck of a blog post!
This is a huge week for us – if all goes according to plan we will close on the Maine house, move Justin out of the Ramada Inn and get the interior of the house painted….and then hop on separate planes and head back South! Crazy right? So, as promised, now is the time for me to ‘fess up about the status of my To Do List 
Lunch/Drinks/Coffee with Greenville girls before I leave town
I was lucky enough to catch up with some of my Greenville faves before I blew out of SC on a mostly permanent basis
Lunch with Brandi
 (ok, no pic, it was terrible of both of us. I love Brandi and she loves the blog,
and she will not be mad in the least that I didn’t post that terrible
pic….BUT, I do have a picture of our favorite part of lunch from our
fave place, Trio in Downtown Greenville)

Dinner and Drinks with Sara

 Lunch Downtown with Jane of In the Pink and Green

Get a really fun new haircut and maybe some color since I’m no longer a bride!
New hair is here! I was so sick of my Bride Hair (long, my natural color – yes, my hair really is that dark naturally, hardly any layers)



 Macie likes it!
 (P.S. my mom got a new camera and it is baller….I am insanely jealous!)
I got long bangs (that can be swept to the side), lost about 3 inches, got tons of layers around my face to help blend in the bangs and went for a subtle ombre. I love the color! It’s the perfect blend of lighter brown shades to soften my naturally dark brown tone. I’m still all natural at the crown of my head down to my ears so if I’m ever sick of the color I can literally just cut it off. I’m in love!

 If you are in the Williamsburg area, I highly recommend Ashley at Bubbles Salon. She did my hair, my mom’s hair and every one of my Bridesmaid’s hair on my Wedding Day and she is really talented.

Watch everything crucial on our DVR before it gets deleted in the move

Figure out a way to lose the Honeymoon weight

Figure out a game plan for our furniture in our new house
I won’t cross this off of the list, but my mind is definitely whirring with possibilities and I think I have most of the major stuff nailed down. I can’t wait to show ya’ll all of the fun changes we’ll make at the new house!

Pick paint colors for the new house
We are definitely painting our living room, dining room, entry way, staircase, stairwell, upstairs hall, master bedroom and a ton of wood trim. I am so looking forward to brightening up the place! I like a very clean and bright palate – all whites, not creams, beige or tans and I tend to use calming grays and blues for wall colors. Take a look at our old house and you’ll get the picture!
I will probably do a room reveal for the new house so for now, I’ll show you  my inspiration for paint colors.
Do ya’ll follow me on Pinterest?? You should! I’m pinning like crazy to get keep my design mind inspired…go ahead, do it!

Order thank you notes and, uh, write them all

Oh yeah, definitely not even in progress yet. I might lose my Southern Girl Card over this one.

Figure out what to get my husband for his birthday, especially since I won’t get to see him that weekend
He is a terrible human being who likes to take the fun out of everything and ordered himself a pair of sunglasses with custom lenses that he I don’t want to talk about it.
(I’m clearly being dramatic, but seriously, what a buzzkill.)

Work on the link pages of the blog…with the old house, new house, wedding and honeymoon there are endless stories to tell!
I updated all of the link pages – check them out!

And finally, but most importantly, consult the smartest woman I know, my mom, about my potential career change once we land permanently in Maine
She’s smart but we still haven’t figured out the right game plan yet. Kinda stressful….

And there you have it!
Whew, I need a glass of wine after all that!