My grandparents have owned a River House in Irvington, Virginia longer than I have been alive. The area seems to be a bit sacred for my family – my parents met as teenagers just a few minutes away and spent many years tearing up and down the surrounding rivers on their power boats. Rumor has is that my mom water skiied those same waters when she was almost 9 months pregnant with me. I think a wild streak runs in the family!

Here’s the funny thing: when we were little we thought The River was boring (We say “The River” to mean the house) – there wasn’t any cable, other kids to hang out with or really anything to do but spend time with our Mimi and Pop Pop….now my grandparents are almost 90 years old and any time that I’m home we make a trip to The River. This past weekend my mom and I piled into her convertable and headed toward water – nothing makes me happier than heading toward water.

The weather was perfect, my grandparents were feeling up to a visit and Mom and I get to spend the day together downing Diet Cokes and listening to bad music – couldn’t ask for much more!

Meet my grandfather – he is almost 90 and still quite a handful….


I look like a giant in this picture (ya’ll, I’m pretty tall) but I’ve said something to make my Mimi laugh out loud, so it was worth publishing

I am so grateful to have had this time in Virginia – all of these little pieces of Home make me feel whole.