Good Morning Ya’ll! There may be a few days of Radio Silence over here at Newlyweds:North because at 7am this morning I heard a little something on the street: 
I flew in last night, got delayed on the runway in Greenville, got delayed at the car rental desk and made it to the Greenville house around midnight….so this morning, I opened the door to the moving team in my pajamas…and no bra. And now I’m attempting to figure out how I’m going to get a fountain Coke into my bloodstream ASAP. 
Also, the movers were treated to this site:
Yep, that’s the bedside table in the room where I slept last night. And yes, it holds a giant butcher knife and a greasy disgusting bag of half eaten Jack In The Box. I can only imagine what they’re thinking right now. Safety first kids! (And apparently, diet later.) 

How long do you think it’ll take to fill this puppy up??