True dat! 
That’s how things are these days….Impossible, but not really. 
Just kinda crazy…cray cray if you will.
Eloquent, but true.
 (Mom, you don’t have to Urban Dictionary “cray cray”, it just means “a little more nuts than regular crazy”.)
So here’s what’s up:
We spent the week of July 4th officially moving me, the cleaning supplies, freezer contents, grill propane tank, booze and the dog to Maine. An odd combination, yes, but it’s all the things the Movers won’t move because they are alive/flammable. So we essentially turned ourselves into a very alive fire bomb and spent 3 days and 24 hours of driving getting from South Carolina to Maine. 
I can’t even begin to tell you all of the ridiculous things that happened to us on the drive 
(things actually exploded on our tailgate rack…oh yeah)

But, we got to spend the night with my family and see something like 14 states up the East Coast. 
Obv had to stop here and buy tons of shit
I should mention that Justin’s company takes the week of July 4th as a vacation week for the whole team, so he was off all week – doesn’t driving for 3 days sound like just the perfect holiday!??
We made it to Maine around noon on the 4th – just in time to miss the parade….and spent the day unloading and assessing what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

First Dinner in the new house, on the porch, picnic style, complete with Champs from my MOH’s wedding toast to us
By the time the fireworks rolled around, we were passed out on our air mattress, dreaming to the sounds of our brand new window air conditioning unit.

It was a long, hard week, but we’re beginning to see the fruits of our labor:
Yard Before:

Yard in Progress:
Master Bedroom Painted – Before:

Paint in Progress (ended up taking 2 solid days with 2 people – 3 coats and touch ups!)

My closet painted – In Progress! 
Don’t judge the color – it’s my only Girl room and I can do what I want!

And, best, Best, BEST of all: the wood trim is being painted by a professional team!

Entry Way Before: 

Entry Way: In Progress!

Entry Way – In Progress with walls painted! 

The Cherry on Top
My new chandelier in the entry way

In Progress….Poor Mark (the new roommate) had just flown in and we put him to work!
Sooooo much better! 

After all of our hard work, we treated ourselves to many of these….


And spent time with him….
Who Justin would like to make our 4th roommate. 
So there it is! In a non-whiney, somewhat witty, upbeat picture post! 
Today I hit the skies again to fly down to Sweet Carolina…I will spend the next 2 days supervising the Movers as they pack (thank God I’m a superb Supervisor!) and then a 3rd day watching them load up our life into an 18 wheeler.
While I’m in South Carolina (sweating profusely, I’m sure), the painters will finish up painting the Maine living room and dining room, and I can.not.wait. to see what it will all look like! Thank you to my sweet Husband who finally caved to my relentless pleading and paid the professionals to paint those rooms. 
(I think maybe the time I cried in Sam’s really sealed that deal!)
Back to the skies I go on Saturday so that I can meet our truck in Maine sometime next Monday! There is a light at the end of the tunnel….only a few more days of having cable but no TVs, computers but no internet, an air mattress but no bed, food but no pots and pans, and a half painted house full of work men and drop cloths, but not enough towels to shower with. 
I can’t wait to get all the rooms put together so I can show ya’ll what I’m up to in the design department…and for your reading/viewing pleasure, I plan to attempt a few DIY projects as well. Hold on to your office chairs, kids. Shit is about to get real!