Good Morning Loves! 
I whipped up a post for ya’ll yesterday about the State Of Things these days but you know what? I’m not going to post it just yet….it was kinda whiney and depressing….and who wants to read that shiz on a Monday??
 I will admit things have been a bit tough for me the last week or so, but honestly, it’s nothing that is an Earth Shattering Big Deal. I’m secretly (or not so secretly, but I like to think no one knows) a Homebody and my home is my safe place from the big, scary world. Right now, we have two houses but no Home. I’ll be better soon and am genuinely looking forward to the changes that are happening in the Maine house. I’m going to re-write today’s whiney post and publish it tomorrow -lot’s of big moves are in progress and ya’ll should def get to see – but with less Poor Stephie seeping through.  
I’ve decided that in order to get my mind right I need to take today as a Personal Day.
 I can’t be in the Maine house today because the painters are painting in the most inconvenient places so on the agenda we have:
Shower, blow dry hair, put on make up and a real outfit (no leggings – tough, but manageable) 
Coffee and catching up on my fave blogs at Starbucks (free Internet!)
Manicure and Pedicure (because painting the new house destroyed what was left of my last DIY Shellac)
Wandering through Target (and not buying anything bc I’m obv still not employed in Maine -but who doesn’t love wandering through the happiness that is Target?!) 
Lunch somewhere Justin wouldn’t want to eat (salads only!)
Home to beg the painters to get a freakin move on
Aaaaaand, maybe, if I’m feeling super sweet, I’ll whip up a real dinner for Justin and Mark (we have a roommate!) 

(I’ll keep that in mind!)