Happy Friday Ya’ll! I’m just dropping by to wish you a happy weekend and then I’ve got to scoot. Why so brief and pictureless? Justin and I are hosting his entire work team for a Southern Style BBQ today at noon. 
Wanna know something crazy?? Mainers are completely oblivious to the wonders of Cornhole! At first we thought it was just a rare occurrence that we stumbled across a couple who couldn’t play but it has become exceedingly clear that cornhole just doesn’t exist here in Vacationland. 
So what does my exceedingly competitive Husband think will be the best form of casual entertainment at our BBQ? Pit his also über competitive team against one another in their first ever cornhole tournament….complete with a bracket and prizes…Justin set the boards up last night, balancing and spacing them with an engineers OCD tendencies (the rest of the setting up will be done today by yours truly).

(Bet ya’ll thought I went to Clemson huh? Nope, I spent 4 glorious years at Elon University…Justin’s obsession with Clemson just trumps my love for Elon in all things football, home decor and attire)

 Macie is ready! 

After I complete my stint as Corporate Wife of the Year, I’m off on a Lady Date tonight! I’m already craving that glass of wine just thinking of all the cleaning I have to do before noon!