Morning Ya’ll! Sorry for the rogue blog design on the sidebar today…that is exactly why I shouldn’t be playing around on Blogger at midnight while I’m half watching Catfish The Movie and half resenting Justin for snoring. I have called in the pros and we should be back to glam ASAP.

Aaaaaanyway! I am so excited to show ya’ll what I’ve been up to! You’ve seen the Master Bedroom Design Board, a few DIY projects and the In Progress shots, and now it’s time for the real deal! 

As a quick reminder, we have a veeeery oddly placed window on the wall where we’ve jammed our King Sized Bed. It looked super rogue, especially when the bed was centered on the wall. As a second quick reminder, our house in Maine was built in 1910 so we have smaller rooms than in our South Carolina house (and don’t even get me started on our closets!).

Anyways, here she is before….

Day of the Home Inspection….Old Owners Stuff
And here she is now…

Macie insists on being in all photos, all of the time. I swear I don’t pose her…mostly because she is impossible to spot and posing her would be useless….otherwise, I might give it a shot. 

Totally un-styled dresser… don’t judge, I’m working on the tray and hiding the TV cords!

Even if you think the curtains are super Kris Jenner, you can’t deny that the room looks bigger and brighter!

Changes and DIY Projects:

No Sew Curtains
Painted the room with 3 coats of Ben Moore Spring Mint
Thrift Store Lamps
Switched lay out of room to make the bed the focal point under window wall
Changed out all hardware on the dressers and night stands to hammered gold pulls
Gold Frames and Horns updated
Updated bedding to an all white color scheme

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the room turned out!
(And super proud of myself for pulling off all of those projects, without killing anyone, while unpacking the entire house…)

The mint walls are calming and definitely brightened up the space. I think the all white bedding feels fancy and and balances out the super bold print of the curtains.
I especially love the monogram, which was a wedding gift and served as our guest book – our wedding guests signed the back of the monogram in gold pens.
And believe it or not, I even managed to work in all of the elements from my Design Board!
Some day, we’ll layer in a large rug and I’ll of course add some style to that dresser, but I think design is always a work in progress.

 And damn, those thrift store lamps are looking good!