Hey ya’ll!

Sorry for the late post today but things got a little nutty during yesterday’s travels and I needed to sleep it off (and grab the dog from the boarder, convince Justin to get up and go to work, take inventory of the fridge, make a grocery list etc).

I literally can.not.believe that it is September already.
(Is that the one millionth time ya’ll have heard that today!?)
This Summer was such an adventure for us and it just plain flew by. We have so many things to look forward to this Fall: new babies arriving on the scene (one VIB is on the way as we speak…I hate that I am so far away from her and her momma), weddings, travels to new places near our new home, hopefully travels to very far away places from our new home, a true Fall, a sneak peak of the colder weather to come, our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, our South Carolina house selling to a new family and new memories, football, family, pumpkin everything… I can’t wait to soak it all in.

In order to kick the season off with just the right amount of bang, I’ve decided to join the Blogtember movement and blog each week day in September about the topics or prompts provided by Jenni….I hope this will spark my creativity and shake things up a tiny bit around here. But not to worry, I’ll blog my regular stuff too! And let’s be honest, sometimes I start with a Grand Plan and then slowly let it taper off and hope that ya’ll don’t notice (Weight Watchers posts, I’m looking at you….), so without further ado, here is the first Blogtember Post….

9.3.13 Describe Where or What You Come From

Where I come from is such an interesting thought these days.
In Maine, we are “from away” (slang in Maine for anyone from anywhere but Vactionland), from a diverse, sticky, deep fried tobacco field of a place.
When we go home to the South, we are newly minted Northerners, from a strange far away mountain of snow, sharp tongues and darkness.
But, to us, we aren’t quite one or the other these days. It seems that we may just have to settle to be in betweeners for now.

When I think about where I come from as far as people, not places, I think of marriages.
I come from a long line of successful, forever marriages.
My parents were High School Sweethearts, my Daddy’s parents were married even younger than that and made it to 50 years before my Granddaddy left us and my Mom’s parents are still married, more than 50 years later, and well into their late eighties.
I am spoiled and only know good marriages. Not perfect marriages, of course, because no such thing exists, but good, solid, forever marriages.
I hope with everything that I have that my children will only know the same thing.

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