I have a love affair with lists – especially To Do Lists.
I get such a high from checking things off that I typically add things that I’ve already accomplished to the list, just so I can check them off immediately!
Sorry I’m not sorry.
(and yes, I know a ton of people do that, I just like to think that I’m special in my neurosis, just go with it.)

I can’t wait to tell ya’ll about our White Water Rafting adventure from last weekend – it was unreal! Class V rapids?! Yes, please!

Also, I can’t hide my love of TV from ya’ll – and honestly, why hide your light under a bushel, right?? I love TV, I love new Fall shows and I can’t wait for the good ones to come back to me (finally!). New Girl, Ben & Kate, Mindy…I miss you! Bravo has done a fantastic job of getting me through the Summer, but I’m ready for the big girl stuff in a serious way.

The Husband and I sat down last night and compared calendars for the Fall and we were honestly surprised to see how jammed packed are schedules are. In the next few months we are traveling from Providence, RI to Richmond, VA and a million places in between. And of course, we have two more football games to attend in Clemson. If we play our cards right, we’ll get to see both sets of parents and maybe I’ll get to see my brother before he heads off to the Police Academy.

And, if I’m being honest, the most terrifying thing on the To Do List is: bake something successfully. Why is baking sooooo hard?! Oh, right, because you actually have to measure things. Boring! Stay tuned for the post about that time I tried to bake and almost burned the house down – it’s coming this Fall, I’m sure.

As usual, at the end of the Season, I’ll fess up to how much I really accomplished on the List…and if I don’t get that closet done, I have a sneaking suspicion that Justin may move out, taking the dog with him, for their own safety.