Finally, the day has come ya’ll!
This closet has been a major effort. In case you’ve missed the updates along the way, let me recap:

We bought a house that is more than 100 years old.
100 years ago, people owned like one dress and two pairs of shoes. Therefor, we have zero closet space in our Maine House. I was a sweet wife and let Justin have our “master” closet and the closets in each of the guest rooms.
The trade off was that I got to take the 4th bedroom (which, in my defense, is so small that it doesn’t have a closet of it’s own and was used as a closet by the previous owners) and turn it into my closet. Bedroom 4 actually shares a wall with our bedroom and is in the perfect spot to be a closet – we even considered opening the wall and making the rooms connect so that we’d have more of a typical master suite, but gave that up knowing we won’t live here forever.

Taking an empty room and turning it into a closet involved more work that I anticipated.
Thankfully, my Dad is super handy. He built my closet racks as my 29th birthday present (you know you’re old when…..). After that, it was just a matter of convincing/begging/bribing Justin to help me hang the finishing touches (we had to have a power outage in order for him to find the time…don’t even get me started).

So, after months and months of work and endless projects and unpacking, here she is, my closet!

I used some of the space to make a blog office!
Newlyweds:North Headquarters

Because this is really just my room, I am pleased to say that not only did I paint the walls bubble gum pink (I was going for coral, but oh well) but I mixed prints like a crazy woman.

A full body mirror from Homegoods was the finishing touch

So, if you’re keeping tack, we only have one more room in the entire house that needs some major attention….our roque guest room that still has extra moving boxes packed with who knows what stacked in the corners. My goal is to have that room whipped into shape by the time Justin’s parents visit at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

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