Can ya’ll believe it’s October already?!
Today seemed like a perfect day to do a simple Life Lately round up…so brace yourselves for a random assortment of ramblings and tid bits below. 

We have a crazy busy month lined up – I feel like I spent most of September traveling (for fun girly things like Bachelorettes in Newport and Baby Showers in Williamsburg) but I think September was just the practice run for October.

Tiverton, RI Bachelorette Weekend: Maria Burton Photography

Besides heading South for weddings and football, we are hosting Justin’s parents for their first visit to Maine, wrapping up the sale of our House in South Carolina and planning for our first married Holidays. We actually made a Super Big Holiday Decision and decided to stay in Maine for both Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Before we found out about our move, we had plans for a major Bucket List international trip for Thanksgiving but having two mortgages will sideline a dream trip pretty quickly.
BUT, with all of that being said, I am really, really looking forward to having Thanksgiving and (a white) Christmas in Maine!

I’m already planning our Thanksgiving meal (my first ever as head chef), blending our family traditions and personal faves – plus Mark’s! We’ll be a family of at least 3 on Thanksgiving, more if I can round up any stragglers that can’t make it home.
Friendsgiving it is!

I’m making major headway on my Fall To Do List
including…..wait for it….FINISHING MY CLOSET!
That’s right ya’ll. I finished that sucker.
I have a few more accessories to attend to and then she’ll be posted right here in all of her glory. Let’s do the math: we moved in around the middle of July, my Dad built my closet built ins around the end of July…sooooo….it took a solid 3 months to unpack that closet….sorry I’m not sorry!
Keep an eye out for that post coming soon!

 And hopefully, in the next few weeks, we’ll hit a major milestone around here at Newlyweds:North
I am so lucky to have ya’ll reading along as we attempt to tackle life etc and if we have 4 more lucky girls (or guys, I know ya’ll are reading, your wives rat you out!) join us in the next little while then I think we should have a Give Away!

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