I couldn’t resist the title of this post….forgive me, it’s Friday.

So, this week flew by huh? With traveling and then getting home and attempting to rescue the house from the clutches of the boys…I definitely lost track of a day or two.
But, bottom line, it’s Friday, so let’s celebrate with a quick 5 on Friday!

1. This candle.

Bella by Illume
Vanilla Amber

I bought this candle as an accessory for my closet (reveal on Monday!) – I was originally drawn to the the gold glass jar and the clearance tag at Target, but ya’ll, this little gem smells amazing. Sometimes, strong scents can give me a headache, but this candle manages to have a pervasive scent without being overwhelming. Basically, it smells good for a long time ya’ll. It was on clearance at my Target in Maine about a week ago – I think I paid something like $3 and change…if you see one at your Target, snatch it up, you’ll be glad that you did!

2. This Recipe


I made this recipe for Bourbon BBQ Chicken Sandwiches on Wednesday night and it was a hit. Honestly, this meal is super easy – as most crockpot dinners are – and while it may look like there are a ton of ingredients in the sauce, I ended up having almost all of them in my pantry.
I thought the bourbon taste was a little strong but the guys (shockingly) did not. If I were to make this recipe again I would probably add less bourbon (and less expensive bourbon. My Husband was not pleased when he found out that I used his Blanton’s). If you are making this for children or a non-bourbon loving crowd, I’d probably adjust your booze amount just because the flavor is strong…and one you need to grow into!
This would be a perfect meal for a guys night or Husband birthday…super easy and hearty. The boys voted to keep it on our dinner rotation, so it must be good.
Oh, and P.S. you’ll end up with lots of yummy BBQ sauce left over – I marinated steaks in the sauce the next night and they were scrumptious!

3. This Date Night

We are currently riding a heat wave in Maine, but soon (very soon), it will come crashing down around us. For now, we’re attempting to squeeze as much outdoor time in as possible, including our now go-to together time activity: golf/drinking.

On this particular night, we played until it was too dark to see the ball and the wine bottle was empty.

What can I say?
Quality Time is my Love Language and I’ll take it however I can get it.
(Plus, it turns out that I have a real talent for finding the balls that Justin hits into the rough. It’s a gift.)

4. This Place

We stumbled onto Hermon Pond after we went apple picking.
To me, it is one of Maine’s finest.

If we were to ever buy into Maine’s Camp Philosophy (sometimes a shack in the woods with no power and an outhouse, sometimes a million dollar wilderness fortress – all called a “Camp”), I would think we would need to be on the water and I would think it would need to look something like Hermon Pond.

The leaves had just started changing and the water was so peaceful.

Sometimes I forget just how lucky we are to live in this wild and crazy place.

5. This Book

Fact: I read trashy books.
 A lot of them.
And I loooove them.
So, this book might not change your life (or the face of American Literature) but I found it to be a quick and easy travel read. I actually listened to the first in the series on tape during my road trip to Newport and am reading the second.
I will freely admit that I loved Twighlight, all of the Percy Jacksons and Harry Potters and have read them all multiple times. I would say Beautifful Creatures is a combo of the tree – plus who can resist a couple of teenagers who are in love but can never be together because they are from different worlds?! Now, there’s a plot I can get behind!

Sorry this post is so late in the morning friends. I wrote it, blogger deleted it and then I wrote it again. Let’s assume it was wittier the first time.

Hope ya’ll have a fab weekend!
We’re planning to lay around and watch endless football and eat too much dip….

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