Morning, Loves!

Today I’m going to let you in on my most favorite Shower Game – and it will work for wedding showers or baby showers – or any event where someone will be forced to open presents for hours and their guests will be forced to watch.


I whipped up this little Baby Bingo card for our shower this weekend…..

 Bingo cards are super easy to make in PicMonkey and I of course customized the card to match the theme of the shower.
All of the graphics and fonts in this card were free in basic PicMonkey, so no fancy editing skills or checkbooks needed!

For our Baby On Board Shower I made a total of 7 different cards, just rotating some of the items around to different spaces and sometimes working in new items to a card.

Pro Tip 1: after you complete your first card and save it to your computer, just hit the “undo” arrow in PicMonkey and the graphic will be open to edit again. That way, you’ll be able to edit just a few elements to create a new card – and you won’t have to recreate the stupid thing a million times over. 

Pro Tip 2: remember that the Mommy/Bride and her gift helper won’t need a card – but everyone will need a pen, so plan accordingly! 

Once completed, I saved each card as a graphic to my desktop and then
opened them one by one into a Power Point slide show. Power Point makes
for easy printing and size editing. 
I printed two copies of each card (based on the number of guests I knew we would have) and planned to have 2 winners (seeing as there were 2 of each card).

As the Mommy To Be opened her gifts, the rest of us waited anxiously to see what she might get – a bouncy seat?! Perfect!  Bingo for me!
And P.S. prizes are mandatory!

I promise this will keep guests engaged and entertained as the guest of honor is opening onsies and booties or measuring cups and mixing bowls.

And, most importantly, no one has to measure a Mommy To Be’s baby bump or make a faux wedding dress out of toilet paper. Guests can remain in their seats, chat with the ladies around them and engage in friendly competition (and down mimosas, my personal shower activity of choice).

I’m hitting the skies today and heading home to Maine/real Fall…
I know my Husband misses me because he is admittedly tired of pizza (temporarily) and out of meal ideas…ah, I remember the days when he missed me for other reasons besides dinner options….but I’ll let that one go for now…

And thank ya’ll for all of your sweet words about the Baby Shower!
For those of you who asked: I did make all of the canvases, using items on sale at the local Micheal’s Craft store, as well as the fireplace garland and bow on the present opening chair. Ya’ll sure know how to make a girl feel good about her crafting! xo

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