Happy Monday ya’ll!

I’m still at my parent’s house in Virginia and I’m excited to share the Baby Shower that brought me home for a few days.

 (me and the parents to be….they are having a moment. Obviously, so am I.)

My Matron of Honor, Ashley, is expecting a baby boy in November and my mom and I were honored to host her friends and family in my childhood home for a Brunch on Saturday.

 I have to say that my Dad deserves the Good Sport Award – he is in the process of building a Master Suite addition to their house and made sure that the room was ready and waiting (unfurnished) just in time for the Shower. Having the open space was definitely a life saver, so thanks Daddy!

Get a move on Dad. We have a party to throw in 24 hours!

 Because the new room is brand spankin’ new and was carefully hand crafted by my Dad, I had a tiny challenge when it came to the event decor: I was not allowed to put one single hole or a spec of anything sticky/adhesive on his new walls (he reminded me approximately one million times that he painted three coats of paint on those walls to get the perfect shade of yellow)…so, here’s what I came up with:

Baby on Board!

This is a mock up (minus our home address – sorry, stalkers!) of the invite that I chose – from Minted, of course!

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Anyways, back to the business at hand!
I searched a ton of sites for just the perfect invite, but this one was definitely the one. The Parents-To-Be are both graduates of the University of Virginia and this invite happens to be in their school colors.

After I finally decided on the invite, I just ran with the nautical anchor and color scheme as the theme for the shower.

We used my Mom and Mimi’s silver and filled the empty shelves with
bright pillows, baby books (for the Mom to be to take home) and silver
pieces from around the house.

Flowers were simple white and blue hydrangeas arranged in every.single.item from my Mom’s china cabinet….from silver pitcher to sterling beer steins.

We pulled out my Mom’s wedding china and my Mimi’s linen napkins that just happened to have the perfect light blue trim.

 Ok, remember how I couldn’t put holes in the wall?
I had to get a tad creative seeing as we had lots of empty wall space…so I whipped up a few canvases so things didn’t look so blank.

 (Below: present opening chair with my fave canvas in the background)

(these little gold fish were actually a mistake…gotta love creative liscencing!)

A little color on the desert/mimosa bar….

And, I had to get super creative in order to decorate the mantle.
Flower arrangements to hold up the fire place swag?
Why not?

 I’m kinda over bunting banners, so I made a simple banner of ribbon ties…

I also decorated the ceiling fan with ribbons that matched the fire place garland…hence the weird ribbons in this room shot! 

Once the guests arrived, we stuffed gifts into the shelves and filled the bench seats

We served a buffet of Brunch Bests including parfaits, home made sticky buns (which I promise to post the recipe for, because they were Heavenly), sausage and egg casserole, french toast casserole and of course, lots and lots of mimosas. 


 We of course showered Ashley with tons of gifts

 Played a game of Baby Bingo to keep ourselves occupied…
(I’ll upload the cards I made for ya’ll later this week – a Bingo style game with baby items listed on the card keeps guests paying rapt attention to the guest of honor as she busts out those onsies and booties!)

Baby Bingo Winners! 
(A brand new mommy on the left, and a twin girl

mommy to be on the right! No wonder they won the shower game!)

I also got to meet baby Sloan for the very first time.
At three weeks old, she is Heaven On Earth…
and technically, she was my youngest bridesmaid 🙂

(Teeeerible pic of me, but of course Baby Sloan looks perfect and so does her Mommy….)
Sloan was the hit of the party…obviously, look at her!
She’s gorg in her perfect pink party dress!

Celebrating Baby Boy

Oh, and P.S. I found Baby Boy the most perfect Mainiac gift….
I had it shipped to Virginia and forced my Dad to put it together for me (see, he really does win the Best Sport Award!)

A Rocking Moose!
Come on, that thing is freaking adorable!

Ok loves, I’m off to see my childhood orthodontist (because I broke my permanent retainer…sexy) and pay for a bazillion more copies of my marriage liscence (because I lost the other ones in our move…oops).

Have a fab day ya’ll!



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