We had the best weekend!

A couple of months ago we spent the weekend enjoying the KAH BANG music festival here in Bangor. We were enjoying the indie music scene so much that we put a bid in for a pair of tickets to a Matt Nathanson concert in Portland, Maine.

Well, wouldn’t you know, we were outbid. By 3 people. But when it was time to pay the piper, it seemed we were the only people willing to put out money where our mouths were.

So, off we went for our first trip to Portland, Maine….and ya’ll, we fell in love.
I miss living in a city something fierce – Charlotte will always have my heart – so the second we started navigating the quaint streets and fabulous restaurants, I was a happy girl.

In very un-Stephanie like fashion, we didn’t really have a plan for our night.
We booked a hotel room and had the concert Friday night, but other than that, we were free to roam.

The concert was in the State Theatre in downtown Portland.
The building is gorgeous and stocked with bars in every corner.
I told Justin that I had to walk by 3 bars to get to a bathroom (which was ideal, in my opinion). All of the tickets for this concert were general admission and since I didn’t really know much about either artist, we grabbed a seat in the balcony.

Which happened to be right next to a secret bar that was hidden in the back corner of the balcony….

Justin was super in his singer/songwriter element and I kept telling him I would rather be at a Britney concert…but that’s marriage for you!

After the concert, we hit the streets in Portland in search of a late night snack.

Thank the good Lord for Otto Pizza.
Seriously ya’ll, this is the best pizza I have ever had.
My slice was the special: spicy sausage, spinach and gorgonzola cheese.
One side of Otto is a grab and go counter, the other is a full bar/restaurant.
We grabbed our slice on the grab and go side and stumbled across the bar side in our search for a place to sit and stuff our faces.

Honestly, it was so good that I forgot to grab a pic of my slice.
Above is the aftermath.
I’m seriously dreaming about that pizza.

The next morning it was time to feed again (we’re serious about our meals around here) and, seeing as we didn’t have a plan, I let Google lead us…

to the best Brunch we’ve ever had.
And we are Brunch people, so that is a bold statement.

Hot Suppa already had quite a line by the time we rolled up, so we hit the 7-11 across the street for fountain cokes and a snack for Justin.

Justin hates selfies.

The first thing I noticed about the menu was not only did they serve grits, but they claimed they were South Carolina grown!

That sounded like a challenge so Justin ordered shrimp and grits and I ordered the special sandwich with a side of grits.
I’m pleased to report that those grits were almost as good as the ones I whip up!

Justin’s first ever Bloody Mary (a super secret cajun spiced recipe!)

Fountain Coke on the curb, coffee while we waited, mimosa with Brunch!

If you are ever in Portland, you must go to Hot Suppa.
We were so full but kept trying to squeeze down that last bite because everything was just.so.good.

After brunch, we had to say farewell to Portland but we will absolutely be back.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

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