Happy Friday!
Linking Up with Christina and the rest of the 5 on Friday girls to cruise into the weekend…

This Class:


I’m officially back at the Barre and taking a new class called BarSculpt…
I’m sore and glad to be working out again.

This Beauty Must:

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue
The cold weather is wreaking havoc on my lips. This little gem is perfect! Chap stick like but with a pretty surge of color…I’m addicted. P.S. I chose the berry color but thought the light pink sorbet was really sweet too.

This Recipe:

Enough said.

This Project:


Justin and Mark built my beautiful Farm House dining room table a few years ago (using the plans linked above)…but never built benches for us to sit on! I’ve looked into adding chairs that are more modern or eclectic, just to spice things up, but Justin doesn’t seem to like the blend of styles. So this weekend, they get to build benches! I’ll be in charge of staining and sealing, so don’t think I’m getting away scott free.

This Date Night:


Yes, we’ve had our tickets for more than a week.
And no, I am not the biggest Hunger Games fan in this family.

Happy Weekend ya’ll!

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