Hey kids!

Ok, so this weekend I had the.best. idea! We had about a cup of my No Bean Smokey Chili left from dinner earlier in the week and I thought of an easy way to use it all up on Game Day.
Behold, the easiest, cheesiest, most delicious Cheesy Chili Dip:

(per usual, measurements weren’t my priority…but I’ll try to note measurements for ya’ll)


1 package (block) or regular cream cheese
1 cup of my no bean smokey chili
1/2 cup chopped red onion
3 cups shredded cheddar
3 thin slices of provolone


You can use whatever oven safe dish strikes your fancy: clear, disposable, square, round.
I chose my round red Le Cruset because it was the closest to me.
Heat oven to 350 degrees
Spread the entire pack of cream cheese on the bottom of the dish – don’t worry about being too precise- just smoosh it all around so that it covers the entire dish
Layer on the chili
Add the diced red onion
Layer the thin sliced provolone – provolone is the secret to making this dip very cheesy – the stringy, ooey type of cheesy. Provolone melts easily and has a mild taste.
Top with the shredded cheddar

Bake until bubbly and hot all the way though.

Serve with Frito Scoops (since the dip is chili based!)

Obviously you could make this dish to feed a crowd – just use a big baking dish, or better yet, a crock pot – and a bigger batch of chili.

You could also add jalepeno rings, switch up the cheese or be responsible and use fat free cream cheese. The options in this are really endless…and it is just so damn easy.

We love having a big batch of the Smokey No Bean Chili in the house because it honestly tastes as good re-heated as it did the first time you eat it (scalding out of the pot, if you’re anything like me).

This dip would definitely rock at tailgate and would be perfect for a fall snack
Hope ya’ll enjoy!

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