Happy Monday Ya’ll!

I hope everyone had a warm, fabulous weekend. We were lucky enough to have my parents in town for the last 4 days. I just love when my parents visit….and this trip, we had a ton of firsts:

First negative temps
(-11 degrees anyone?)

First foot of snow (and then some)
and the first use of our new snowblower

First “Christmas Morning” in Maine

(my Dad loooves Christmas morning)

First trip for Mom, Dad and Mark to go Candlepin Bowling

(Mark and Liz)

My parents loved Candlepin Bowling so much, we went back during the snow storm…

And, best of all, there was a ton of this…

Yep. Same pic, different day.

My parents are up for anything, including laying around watching bad tv…I am truly their kid.

Frist time for Mom and Dad to experience total darkness at 3pm

Other highlights of the weekend included:
Dinner at Mossimo’s
Phase 10
and gallons of diet coke consumed.

I miss them already!

And now time to get this house back in shape and grocery shop in preparation for the next snow storm headed our way this week…have mercy.

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