I hope everyone had a warm, festive and fabulous Christmas!

I have to admit that this Christmas may have been my favorite, ever, of all time.
Justin and I decided not to travel for the Holidays this year and to spend it at home in Maine, Newlywed Style.

We spent 4 days bundled up against the cold and snow doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We stayed in our pajamas, played board games, cards, ate a ridiculous amounts of sweets and watched endless Christmas movies.

 It was Heaven.

On Christmas Eve we decorated Christmas cookies
(Justin’s request and now officially a tradition),

 opened Christmas pajamas and began a new tradition: movie watching!
I actually stole this tradition from my parents…every year on Christmas Eve, my parents get a new movie and watch it after their wild hooligans (my brother and me) go to bed. It keeps them entertained and awake until it’s time to play Santa. Justin is currently on a Minions kick, so I gave him Despicable Me and we happily snuggled up to watch it.

And then we ordered Dominos for dinner.
Sorry I’m not sorry!

Of course, we jumped the gun on opening our Christmas Eve presents and activities, so we ended the night in bed, playing a super competitive game of Phase 10. Nothing says holiday fun like threatening each other’s lives during a card game!

Christmas Day was easy and low key…more presents, more pajama lounging, Despicable Me 2, calling family and more eating.

One of my absolute favorite gifts this year was the Maine car survival kit that Justin built in my stocking. His survival musts included a jug of kitty litter, a thermal blanket, a flashlight, a snack pack of candy, 10 tubes of various Bert’s Bees Chapstick and deep moisturizing hand lotion. Honestly, it was mostly a joke, but also the most handy and thoughtful stocking stuffers of all time. (you know you’ve assimilated to living in Maine when….)

I promised Justin that I would make him my Dad’s famous french toast for Christmas breakfast…and was surprised to find that our bread was super moldy! Justin was served french toast medallions the size of silver dollar pancakes….once the mold and hard parts were picked off, there just wasn’t that much bread left! Ooops, guess I’ll check my bread before Christmas morning next year!
I pulled it together for Dinner and we had a fabulous home made meal, talked about our fave presents and moments of the last few days and then threatened each other’s lives over Phase 10 again.

Honestly, I’ve never been happier.

We hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday and is gearing up for festive New Year’s Eve!

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