Happy Monday Ya’ll!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We laid around and we’re lazy so of course, I was happy as a clam. We also managed to squeeze in two date nights which I happily soaked up knowing we won’t have alone time much longer.

While I spent time in the skies last week I finally got around to reading a book that was on my Must Read List:

I highly recommend The Husband’s Secret as a perfect travel read. It’s quick but keeps you wanting to know the end of the story…. Perfect for passing time trapped on a plane or while lying on the beach. I’ll admit that the first few chapters had me a little apathetic to the story and the characters but I was completely hooked before I knew it.
The story asks the reader to wonder just how much truth is too much….what happens when you finally know the truth and wish you didn’t…how would it change your life?
I downloaded my edition onto my iPad for a super reasonable price and now that the FAA has loosened the restrictions on tablets during take off and landing, you don’t have to put your book down!

What are y’all’s suggestions for my next travel read? We hit this skies this Saturday and I need to restock my library!

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