How Far Along: 13 weeks

Size of Babe: the length of a pea pod

Gender: still thinking blue

Symptoms: food aversions, breakouts, super weird and vivid dreams, bigger bump at night than in the morning, aversions to strong smells such as the extreme fish smell that smacked me in the face in the Philly airport, fear of germs while close to scraggly strangers.

Loving: oil and vinegar, pizza, orange soda, barre class, my new bralette to harness the ladies at bedtime, my Doppler to check on the babe when the need strikes

Loathing: slathering on all of the lotions and potions to prevent stretch marks, waiting a week for test results, the food aversions, not knowing what i want to eat and letting myself get too hungry which leads to a hurting tummy

Husband: Justin is still monitoring my water intake and is quick to rush me anywhere I want to go, as long as I say that I want veggies. I really wanted the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday the other night and I’ve never seen Justin move so quickly.
he was also super excited to hear that our test results were great and to tell all of his friends our big baby news

Wedding Rings: on, but definitely getting harder to get on and off…. I see a faux wedding band in my near future

Belly Button: in

Movement: none yet

Maternity Clothes: nope, with the exception of my Liz Lange for Target tank top, which is still awesome

Best Part Of The Week: getting our test results back and hearing that baby w is healthy as can be….and of course getting to tell our friends and family!

Worst Part Of The Week: uh, getting those purple jeans pictured above onto my ass. they were tight before i got pregnant…and now they are going in the trash.

Missing Most: wine. and sub sandwiches from Jersey Mikes with all kinds of toppings…

Can’t Wait For: all of the food/restaurants that i plan to hit in virginia. all fried, all southern. i would murder for fried chicken right nows. aaaand i guess seeing my family and friends in virginia.

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