Good Morning Ya’ll! 
What a fun week it’s been around here! I was actually going to give ya’ll a break from me toady but my dad just woke me up and said, “are you doing your Friday Five?!”…considering he’s a salty sea captain who builds things on the side, his concern for my blog is really quite cute. Then he said, “people are waiting!” …I highly doubt anyone is waited with baited breath to see what I have to say every day, but it’s still sweet that he’s concerned about ya’ll too.
So now that I have been dragged out of bed and reminded that Chick Fil A stops serving breakfast in exactly 90 minutes, I’m going to whip up a little something for my Dad.
5 on Friday
Babe/Home Edition
 Thank you a million times over for all of your sweet words and well wishes on our baby news. We are so very excited! Many of you have asked a couple of the same questions so I’ll answer them quickly here:
1. Yes, we have a great doctor here who I actually found by chance. He is super liberal in his practices (he thinks turkey is fine, I’m still holding off) and a straight shooter (neither of us really believe in birth plans and we both think birthing pools are DISgusting- no offense). I feel lucky to have found him seeing as at the time I didn’t know anyone well enough to ask who keeps their vaj healthy. 
2. We are due on July 22 so I’m technically measuring 13 weeks and 3 day today…although at our 12 week appointment the babe was already measuring 2 days early/fat. Justin and I strongly believe it’s a boy but there are many who are Team Girl. Our friend Jaime put it like this, “a girl would so rock Justin’s world!”. And yes, we do have baby names already decided for both a boy and a girl, so we just need the final word in a few weeks and we’ll be all set!
3. Yes, I am sad to be so far away from my family knowing that a baby is coming. Honestly, that’s part of why I’m home this week. My parents are planning to invade Maine for the Summer (not really, but pretty much) so they can be around to see my offspring. I have already announced that our house is off limits for overnight guests when the baby comes so they are on the hunt for a Maine-like cabin on a lake nearby. I think they should be careful what they wish for when they say Maine-like but hey, go for it. 
4. Just in case anyone has been keeping up with my cravings, I am pleased to report that I have had Chick Fil A every single day that I have been here (including my travel day) and have had Hardee’s fried chicken and biscuits. My dinner request the first night I was home was my Dad’s pan fried pork chops with white rice and brown gravy…with a side of Hardee’s fried chicken and biscuits. Only at my Mom and Dad’s house would that actually happen….and I loved every single bite.
 my side dish. sorry I’m not sorry. 
Just to be clear: I was very sick during my first trimester so I have not been eating like this for 13 weeks. Before anyone calls child welfare on me, I will also clarify that yes, I have eaten McDonald’s a ton, but a cheeseburger would literally be all that I could manage to choke down in a day. So now my appetite is back, I’m not responsible for cooking and at 29 years old I am still spoiled rotten when I come home. Also, when I’m at home my Husband monitors my water and vegetable intake so I feel like I’m on Southern Fried Spring Break this week….sorry Jus.
5. And, in reference to #4, I had lunch with my 80 year old grandmother (who has an iPhone and loves the penny slots) and she told me that I should not be showing yet (while she eyeballed my bump), I was going to get “plump” and then, to top it off, she patted her own cheeks and said “you better be careful, you know how these get.”
My response to her was, “listen old lady: I can get skinnier but you can’t get taller!”
I’m in flats in this photo.

And yes, she reads this blog…
And yes, she knew she had this coming! 

On that note, I’m off to find a chicken biscuit. 
Happy Weekend! 
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