Hey Ya’ll!

Thank you for all of your sweet messages and well wishes about our baby news yesterday! I was actually traveling all day but I promise that I saw each of your texts, Facebook messages, blog comments, Insta likes and page views and I’m working on replying to each and every one. I am overwhelmed by each cheers! and congratulations! that came our way yesterday. Baby W sure is lucky to have so many people who love him already!

So, Wednesdays are going to be the official Bumpdate day here on the blog….except this week! Because we waited a bit longer for our test results than we expected (cue first time pregnancy anxiety) we actually held off on sharing our news. So, today will be the 12 week Bumpdate and tomorrow will be the 13 week Bumpdate…two Bumpdates in one week…aren’t ya’ll lucky ducks??

Then we’ll be all caught up!

 If you aren’t so into all of this baby BS then feel free to check back on Thursdays for regularly scheduled sassiness. But just for the record, things are still all kinds of sassy, I’m just carrying around a bundle of baby that is forced to listen to whatever pops out of my mouth 24 hours a day.
See, it could be worse!

So, without further ado, here is the first Bumpdate, which was written last week

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of the babe: a lime

Gender: too soon to tell for sure, but we are absolutely certain that he is a boy. We’ve lovingly called him “he” since he was a mere sack of cells. And “the fetus” because we are irreverent. Some things will never change.
(If it’s a girl, we will both be complete flabbergasted. And terrified.)

Symptoms: oh, thank the Lord for the end of my first trimester. I’m still tired, especially at the end of the day, but not nearly as exhausted as I was during weeks 6-9. My ladies have taken on a life of their own, still working through some food aversions, pretty ridiculous headaches, a stuffy nose when I sleep, waking up at 4am with my mind going a million miles a minute, dry itchy skin where it’s glamorously expanding, sensitive to some smells and nausea when I get too hungry. You know, nothing original, just typical preggo probs.

Loving: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, french fries, McDonald’s, Wendy’s….basically, anything that is terrible for me. Oh, and guacamole. With lots of chips. Mmmm…chips. Sour cream and onion wavy Utz chips…
Clearly, I have not developed a sweet tooth. I’m still a salty, carby kinda girl.
Side Note: I’m traveling South next week to spend time with my parents (they like me A LOT now that I’m pregnant and no longer a Bride. Grandparent status is clearly a total upgrade from Parents of the Psycho Bride) and I’ve already made a list of places that I want to eat. Chick Fil A is numero uno. Aaaaaand (prepare to judge me) Golden Corral may be on the list…towards the bottom, I swear! I can’t help it, their ranch dressing so good. Gross, I’m judging myself.

Loathing: the thought of lettuce still makes me gag, although surprisingly, I’ve recently craved a Cesar Salad or two, but all other veggies are still out…also loathing all of the water I have to choke down. It seems to never end and I’m always cruising to the bathroom.

Husband: Justin is handling all of this pretty well. I try to remember that things changed for me in one instant, no if’s, and’s or but’s. He gets to kinda ease into this…if he wants to go out or house shots, then so be it. I can barely get myself out of bed and sadly the doctor requested that I stop the shots, no matter the occasion. Boo. But seriously, Justin is trying hard to be patient when I am a buzzkill and bring me cheeseburgers when I ask for (demand) them.
And I just can’t let this story go: he actually told on me at our 10 week doctor’s appointment in regards to my many fast food indulgences! Like ratted me out hard core. I almost strangled him. I gave up the wine, the crack pipe and the pole dancing – can’t a girl have a Big Mac in peace!?

Wedding Rings: On, but my fun cocktail rings all seem to be a bit too snug….so I’m guessing the wedding rings won’t make it til July.

Belly Button: In

Movement: none yet, but I can’t wait! The ultrasound tech said that the placement of my uterus should allow me to feel the baby moving sooner than later, and I’m hoping she was right!

Maternity Clothes: not technically. All of my pants still fit as usual without the help of a Belly Band (although one is clearly in my near future). I did stock my New England sweater wardrobe during the after Christmas sales and I had to be careful that I only grabbed sizes that were long enough to cover my already long torso and now growing bump (so, size Large. Sigh.).
I also purchased a Liz Lange for Target maternity tank this week that looks like a typical tank but is just longer and stretchier than my current go-to’s. It rocks. I’ll probably wear it forever.

Best Part of the Week: Definitely seeing him during the 12 week ultrasound screens! He was so wiggly and hardly sat still for the tech. He always kept his little fists up by his face and we saw on the 4D ultrasound that he was constantly punching my insides (that should be fun in the coming months!).  Justin couldn’t keep his eyes off the screen and the measurements that the tech was taking for our testing. I, on the other hand, could only thing about how much I had to pee. Classic.

Worst Part of the Week: Waiting on our last round of test results to come back. As soon as we get the all clear, we can finally tell the world about our little Mainiac-to-be. I’m super proud of us that we’ve really kept a lid on our news…Justin and I are the worst secret keepers ever.

Missing Most: oh god. Corona Light with lime. Red Wine. White Wine. Body Shots (jk). Ordering whatever I want, wherever I am. Having energy. Feeling like I’m still as fun as I used to be, even though I’m tired, sober and bloated.

Can’t Wait: to feel this little guy move! For healthy test results! To tell our friends!
I genuinely never let myself even dream that we would make it through the first trimester with a healthy babe on board so my list of things that I can’t wait for is all over the place!

P.S. I’m definitely still in the stage where the angle and my ability to suck in still determines the size of the bump…unless it’s night time or I’m full…then there is no sucking that bad boy in. Best to just let it out to breathe….

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