First Trimester Favorites

Hey ya’ll!
Today I’m going to share with you the things that I just couldn’t live without during my first few months of growing this kid. It was hard to be in the first trimester trying to keep this news under wraps but wanting info on how to survive the first 12 weeks or so. I relied heavily on blogs and now I’m (hopefully) returning the favor.
Granted, some of these suggestions are useful and reasonable and some are not.
Use your best judgement when growing your own kid.
1. Stretch Mark Creams
There are a billion on the market and everyone definitely has their personal favorite. I started applying both the Palmer’s oil and massage lotion around week 6 of pregnancy. Every newly pregnant person has read that stretch marks are something like 90% genetic and if you’re going to get them, you will, but something about slathering those lotions on makes you feel like you have some control over the situation. Also, my skin was really itchy thanks to all of the stretching and negative temps, and the oil was a huge relief.
2. A Big Ole Granny Bra
I actually stole all of my granny bras right out of my mom’s drawer (thanks mom!) and haven’t looked back since. My ladies were the first thing to change and they haven’t slowed down yet. I mean honestly, these are the boobs I wished for as a 13 year old flat chested girl and here they are. They are heavy, rogue and enjoyable only in my husband’s eyes. I honestly believe that a granny bra is the only thing that let me sleep at night those first few months. My ladies were super sore and rolling over onto them honestly would wake me with a start. Keeping them harnessed up and and strapped in as comfortably as possible was essential/mandatory. Get yourself a granny bra. Trust me.
3. Maternity Tank Top
Oh, lordy! I looooove this tank top! This grey one pictured is the exact one that I own and have worn every single day for months (I maaaay need to invest in another one). I chose this particular tank because it does not have the gathering/rouching on the side that is the trademark of all super maternity tops. During my first trimester I felt like that style was over the top considering I was just bloated and not at all sporting a bump. This tank is super long (even for a tall girl) and keeps things smooth and controlled under my tops. Another bonus: if your tops seem to be getting a teensy bit short as your bump grows then this guy will get you through.
4. Prenatal/Fetal Doppler
Ok, this can be a bit controversial, but honestly, for me, having a doppler was a lifesaver. I am a worrier. Duh. I would lay awake in the beginning and wonder if the baby was even still alive in there…and it drove me to insanity thinking about it. Enter the doppler. I rented mine for three months from Belly Beats…and I’m probably keeping it for the rest of my pregnancy. I could find baby’s heartbeat by 9 weeks but it took me about 30 mins or so to find it that early. After about 11 weeks I could find it in minutes. We later learned the placement of uterus had a lot to do with me finding the heartbeat so early but whatever the reason, I’m so glad that I could. As my pregnancy progressed to the second trimester, I packed my doppler each time we traveled and checked the babe’s heartbeat after long flights or if I was experiencing cramping.
Note: check with your doc etc before using this bad boy and if you feel weird about something, call your doc, even if the doppler says everything is cool. 
5. Target Brand Prenatal Gummy Vitamins
I am not a good pill swallower and vitamins are usually the worst to swallow because they are so dense. These gummies are the jam. They taste good, can be purchased anywhere and get the job done. Check with your doc to make sure that he’s cool with the folic acid content and rock them all the way til the end.
6. A Water Bottle
I hate choking down the one million ounces of water required to keep my fetus afloat. My OBGYN requested that I drink two Nalgene bottles of water a day…so I borrowed one of Justin’s Nalgenes and did my best. Using the water bottle let me track my progress and feel accomplished when I finally finished the last sip (usually right before bed, resulting in many trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sigh).
7. McDonald’s
Need I say more?
Seriously though, lots of women crave carbs during the first trimester to curb nausea and I was the poster girl for queasy runs to McDonald’s for fries and a McChicken sandwich (no lettuce, obv, because lettuce was DISgusting to me at the time). I say as long as you’re eating and not vomming, then high five, but you know, run that by your doc, etc. 
8. Camera Tripod
Do you think my Husband stands around and takes all of those weekly Bumpdate photos? Uh, no. I snatched up this tripod for less than 20 bucks at Target and haven’t regretted it for a second. I set up my weekly shots (unless I’m traveling) and can take as many pics as I want. For reference, I usually take like 20 just to make sure that  end up with one photo in which I only have one chin. 
This particular tripod folds up into a teeny tiny bag and can travel if needed.
Hope this helps any secret preggos out there!