Hey ya’ll!
Happy Monday (eh, whatever, right?). I hope everyone had a fab weekend…we were at the mercy of the bi-polar Maine weather, but made the best of it!

Friday night I went on a Lady Date with Melissa which of course resulted in us getting kicked out of the restaurant at 10pm while the staff stacked chairs on tables….and we met at 6:30. I don’t even know what we talk about for that long, but we talk and talk and talk…and before I know it, literally days have gone by. She gets a kick out of hearing about my weird and disgusting pregnancy symptoms and I love getting to tell her about them…so strange, but birds of a feather will tell each other the grossest things for fun (isn’t that how the saying goes??).

Saturday was slated to be one of the most beautiful days we’ve seen since October and thankfully, the weather did not disappoint. Topping out at a high of 45 and gorgeously sunny, we spent the day on a mission for the babe. We hit every single thrift store, antique shop and junk store in search of a dresser for baby boy’s nursery. I already had one picked out at Ikea but I told Justin if I could find one cheap of enough to offset the cost of supplies for repair and refinishing, then I was so in to do the work. Luckily, we found something! Now, before you see it, I know that it’s very Brady 60’s Mod but I’m super into the shape and masculinity of the lines. I actually think I’ll even keep the pulls but give them a little life with a new coat of paint. It needs some love, but is solid wood and has zero damage to the structure….

The size is perfect for the oddly shaped nursery and the width of the top will definitely serve as a changing table for Gray.

We decided to paint the dresser a grey based navy to compliment our rug choice, the unique shade of wood of our crib and our light grey rocker.

Justin ended up selecting the final color and I can’t wait to update ya’ll on our progress. It will be a while before we can get stared because we don’t have a garage so we have to do the bulk of the work on our front porch and of course the weather has to cooperate to make that a go.

P.S. I beginning to get a little antsy about our nursery…it’s still a guest room and the crib is in a box with no mattress or pad to go in it, the dresser is a hot mess and that’s all we’ve got! We have 4 months to go (if our giant baby makes it that long) and we have lots of travel lined up including an almost two week jaunt overseas…. cue the nesting panic.

On Sunday the weather went back to regular Maine weather and it was 33 degrees and pouring down rain all day (but not snowing, thank God). The entire family slept way in… I think we’re all prepping for baby by getting as much sleep as possible while we can…and then laid around watching basketball and playing on Pinterest. It was a perfect lazy Sunday and I’m guessing those are numbered for us these days!

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