We’re going to do the Bumpdate a day early this week because I have a big surprise for y’all tomorrow!

(don’t mind the construction in the background…tis the season around here)

How Far Along: 28 weeks
Hello third trimester!

Size of Babe: a large eggplant
(and he now has eyelashes!)

Gender: all things blue

Symptoms: lots and lots of baby movement, hard jabs and kicks and bumps on my belly that must be a foot sticking out, rolling over in bed has become an act of God, still getting up all night long and sometimes still staying up for hours on end, lots of thinking about baby and what he might look like, crazy dreams, still rocking the stuffy nose, swollen hands and feet and finding it difficult to bend, twist, lean over or hike the stairs too many times in a row.

Loving: the way the nursery is beginning to look!

Loathing: I’m going to guess that I am loathing my glucose test at the very second that you’re reading this.

Husband: is working hard until our trip…

Wedding Rings: haven’t seen them in months

Belly Button: is a weird innie/outtie hybrid

Movement: constantly at night. The other night he woke me up playing the drums on my belly. Constant, repetitive, hard movements….it was insane.

Maternity Clothes: still mixing and matching!

Best Part of the Week: getting so many projects done around the house! Nesting has reached an all new level of intense.

Worst Part of the Week: I have to admit that I don’t want to step on the scale at my doctors appointment and I most certainly do not want to fail my glucose test and sit through the 3 hour one….fingers crossed!

Can’t Wait For: Greece!!

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