Happy Friday!
We made it to another weekend! Here’s my quick 5 on Friday list before I head to Starbucks to write baby thank you notes (big day!).

1. This Place


Justin and I have a little something up our sleeves for Sunday…and it just so happens to take us to Old Orchard Beach for the day! Because it’s still technically Winter, all of the fun touristy stuff will still be shut down, but I can’t wait to explore just the same! The weather on Sunday should be glorious (50 and sunny) and I think some salty air might just be what the doctor ordered for this little bun in the oven.

2. This Move
We made a big move this week and turned the heat down. We might be crazy but we are just sick to death of paying for fuel oil. I used to think Northerners retired to the South because of the weather…um no, the retire to the South because paying to heat your home for 6 months out of the year will bankrupt you. Sadly, our lows are still hitting down in the low 20’s and high teens so it can get a bit chilly in here…but we feel good about making a No More Winter Stand!

3. This Dress

I’m already kinda over buying maternity clothes…but sadly, I’m closing in on the stage that even my biggest tent tops and muumuus can’t cover. I love this dress from Target because it looks like something I would have worn before I got all knocked up and it’s a perfect price point. Plus, I can wear it in Maine with leggings for a while and then the sleeves will keep me warm on summer nights (yep, even in August, a coat can be necessary). Our Target doesn’t have this yet but I’m keeping my eye out…and let’s be honest, I’ll probably get the top too.

4. These Accessories

Ya’ll, I’m dying. These little bow ties showed up in my mailbox yesterday and I just can’t stop looking at them! My friend Megan finally started throwing us baby boy mama’s some love in her Etsy shop Willow Crowns! The seersucker bow tie is just the tiniest size and I can’t wait to force baby boy into straight out of the womb. Even Justin got excited for the Southern sweetness of those bow ties (he’s been known to rock a bow tie or two himself!).

5. That’s all I’ve got! Ya’ll have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you back Monday. Next week is a big week full of travels and major events for my family in Virginia…I can’t wait to tell ya’ll all about it!

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