Hey ya’ll! 
I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend and took a minute to think of those who serve our country. I had my husband home for a long weekend and man did I put him to work! I am pleased to report that we celebrated our anniversary, completely rearranged and finished the nursery and checked off almost every single thing on our house to do list! I am so relieved that all of these things are completed and out of the way before the baby comes. Just one more major house project left to go: the new runners on our stairs and in our hallway….those babies should arrive today and will hopefully be installed next weekend! 
And now, our weekend in photos:
Poor quality iPhone photo of our anniversary date night at our fave restaurant in Bangor

 The weather forecasters predicted rain and storms all weekend but instead we were treated to amazing weather, something no Mainer takes for granted. We even got out of bed early to take Macie for a long walk through town just in case the rain came later in the day.

Downtown looking all gorgie in the spring weather! 

I have recently developed a killer sweet tooth and we went to Gifford’s Ice Cream no less than three times this weekend. Gifford’s is a local institution and when it opens for the season Mainers flock to get in line…

And yes, this is my current dish of choice. A Pot Hole Sundae consists of two scoops of ice cream divided by a river of hot fudge and chocolate crispies with a ring of whipped cream. It.Is.Awesome.

Justin got a ton of yard work done…I had honestly forgotten how sweet our back yard is when it’s in bloom. Seeing as it’s been covered in snow for the last 7 months, I’m impressed that anything green showed up this spring, but it did and I’m loving it! 

And no one year anniversary would be complete without a super old cake shipped all the way from Virginia to Maine! Excuse our outfits, we decided to wait until our actual anniversary to eat our cake, not the night we got dolled up for our fancy dinner.

We pulled out our toasting flutes that were gifted to us by my grandparents who used the same flutes to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  And, if you look closely, you’ll see the back up desert I purchased in the background, just in case the cake was a complete loss. Surprisingly, the cake held up well and we got through a piece or two!

See ya’ll tomorrow!