Hey ya’ll!
 I thought I’d share with you the easiest DIY baby projects of.all.time.

Seriously, you cannot go wrong with either project…

I spent some time perusing Nursing Ponchos on Etsy and while there are so many cute ones, they typically run around $40 or so. That seemed a teensy bit expensive for something my boobs will leak all over so I hit Pinterest to see if anyone had attempted a DIY version…and wouldn’t you know it, a million people had!

I don’t own a sewing machine so I was also impressed/completely sidetracked by a handful of DIY No Sew Infinity Scarf tutorials that I thought could easily be manipulated into Nursing Scarfs…and (ta da!) the easiest Baby DIY’s ever were born!

Here’s what you’ll need for the Nursing Poncho:

1 yard of soft fabric that will not fray when cut (look for super soft t-shirt material that will roll when cut)
Approximately 23 seconds of free time

Here’s the method:
fold your yard of fabric in half
cut a neck hole
do not stress about perfection

Total cost: $4.50

 Feel free to note that I did not stress about perfection…
I bought the last yard of this particular fabric (on sale at JoAnne’s) and left the white border right where it was! I could easily trim it off but why bother?

 The poncho can be worn different ways to maximize coverage of you and the babe.
Please excuse my almost 9 months pregnant bare arm but I wanted your to see the versatility (gah, the things I do for ya’ll!)

 Ok, next project, the No Sew Nursing Infinity Scarf

Here’s what you’ll need:

60 inches of soft fabric that will not fray when cut
(I found mine right next to the poncho fabric, on clearance at JoAnne’s)
60 seconds of free time

Here’s how to make it:

Lay the material out length wise
At each end, cut 2 inches or so into the frabric at varrying intervals
Tie strips of one end to the other

 (like you’re making one of those fleece blankets that everyone has from a few years back)
Don’t worry about how many strips you cut or if each side has the same amount, you can always double tie if needed.
 I was concerned that the tied ends might be a bit bulky on my neck but honestly, I have zero complaints. 

Total cost: like $3.00

ooooh baby, here’s a better shot of that sculpted arm for you.

Just like the poncho, the scarf can be worn many different ways to maximize coverage and even better, it can be worn at all times as an accessory.
I went with a light weight fabric because I’m expecting a July babe – if you’re having a winter babe, you could certainly do heavier fabric, just make sure that it has a bit of stretch or you leave extra room for everyone to wiggle around/bust out the goods and still be covered up.

This length covers my entire torso, including my bump, so I’m confident it will cover the babe when he arrives.

Keep in mind that you most likely don’t want a fabric that is super sheer or see through for this project.

Added bonus: both items fold up teensy tiny and take up minimal room in the diaper bag.
Because the material is super soft, they can also be used as a burp cloth and the poncho could certainly be used as a blanket, car seat or ground cover for baby in a pinch.

If ya’ll make one of these, send me pics! 
I’d love to see your handiwork!

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