Hey ya’ll! We’re back in the States but definitely not back to normal….
Here are a few fun facts to get you through your Monday:

We woke up Friday morning in Santorini and went to bed in Jersey.
So many flights were canceled out of Philly that every single hotel in the greater Philly area was full….so we rented a car and drove to Jersey just to spend the night.

I broke my own travel rules about a carry on bag and let Justin pack mine.
I ended up with no clean undies or a toothbrush but I did have approximately 40lbs of European gummy candies.

Even after the day we had on Friday, when they asked for people to take a bump on our flight to Maine on Saturday, we volunteered. Even when we found out they couldn’t get us home until Sunday. Thank goodness they only needed one person to give up their seat and we decided that I am too pregnant to stay back alone and Justin thought we should stick together.

I have approximately one million loads of laundry to do.
All are mine.

When we arrived home in Maine we were so thrilled not to see any snow.
In fact, we have things growing in our back yard! All are green and seemingly healthy despite being under 80.1 inches of snow this Winter.

That’s right, the snow totals are officially in for this Winter (they waited until the middle of May to make sure we wouldn’t get more….) and our town got 80.1 inches of snow between December and April of this year. For reference, that’s roughly 10 inches more than the average winter…and because it was so cold, none of it melted off until the end of April.

My husband has a habit of collecting random things on our travels and bringing them home.
This trip has resulted in a dozen or so volcanic rocks in varying colors, shapes and sizes (also in our carry ons, instead of undies). I now need to find a home for his rock collection. I think that will have to be a task that waits until tomorrow.

Today I get to see baby Gray’s face and finally find out what’s going on with his gigantic self!
And maybe do a load of laundry or two….or 12.

See you kids tomorrow!

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