Oh baby, have we been working hard for your arrival!
Look, your mama even sacrificed her feet and pretty red toes for you…

I am officially the messiest painted ever. How I managed to spray paint
my feet is completely beyond me. (yes, I used spray paint while
pregnant. I was outside, wore a mask and it was a super quick project. I
was careful, promise!)
Anyway, our kitchen table was in major need of a touch up. I snagged this little gem at an antique store years ago and have been meaning to sand it down and paint it a true white since the day I bought it. Who knew all it would take is a baby on the way to get this project finished! 
I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer spray paint in white and really love the results. I snagged this brand at Home Depot and our Lowe’s does not carry it. Check my Insta for a pic of the can (I’m super visual so I’d need the pic for shopping purposes!)
And here she is all put back together and a shiny white. There were stains on the table for years of dinner times, projects and who knows what, so while the difference isn’t super dramatic, it makes me feel like the table is finally clean!

Ok, project #2 is definitely the one I’m most excited about! 
I have wanted to rip out this nasty, faux-Oriental, ripped, million year old carpet runner since they day I laid eyes on it.
Justin thought that was ridiculous and I couldn’t disagree more. That
rug was filthy, covered in the previous owners dirt and dog hair and
impossible to clean. My own mom cleaned it on her hands and knees and
then told me to rip it out. Two different cleaning ladies told me to rip
it out…I mean, come on…that thing needed to go. 
(poor quality iPhone photo because I’m a bad blogger but if you look closely you’ll see stains, discoloration and rips. Gross)
After hating the runners for the better part of a year, in a fit of pregnancy rage, I ripped out the hallway runner with my bare hands.
To be fair, we had water damage this winter and the stair runner got wet to the pad so our insurance company filled our claim to have it removed, cleaned and re-installed. Clearly, I wasn’t having that POS re-installed, so I took matters into my own hands. I figured if we did it ourselves, we could use the money to buy new runners. Cue Husband’s eye roll, lecture and displeasure.
We used this blog post to find our new runners:
Thistlewood Farms
(side note: after it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t recommend using this company. We had a billing issue with a surprise charge on our credit card that was eventually refunded and had to return our first order because the color did not match the internet picture at all. Plus, I paid the return shipping which wasn’t so cheap on 5 runners)
And this blog tutorial for our method:
Southern Hospitality Blog
A tiny part of me hoped our floors would look so pretty undermeath that we could leave them in their natural state without rugs….um, nope.

Here she is in progress: we ordered the rug pads from the same company as the runners to ensure they would be a match and then cut them to size.
After the pads were installed, it was time for the real thing! 
I LOVE the results! Neutral, clean, prefect for re-sale and will hopefully hide dog hair. 
Thanks to my husband for all of his hard work! I was pretty much useless as far as helping goes because this project calls for a lot of squatting, bending and reaching, none of which I’m really capable of at this moment. Poor husband had to do it all pretty much by himself. Justin, I promise that was the last one til baby!
 I’m headed to a doctor’s appointment to check on my breech babe, I’ll fill ya’ll in tomorrow!