8-12 week baby faves

Ok, kids, here we go again! 
Our 8-12 Week Baby Faves run the gamut from infant outerwear to bouncy seats. What can I say, I have ya’ll covered! As usual, we own and use every single item on the list – I would never recommend anything that we don’t own and use on the reg.
Let’s start with the baby detergent shall we? My MOH sent me a huge box of goodies for my 30th – some for me, some for Justin, some for the dog and some for the baby. One of my absolute fave items in the box was this detergent. I love the soft smell and stains are no match for this stuff. This is silly but I also think the bottle is really cute. Don’t judge me. 
Oh, baby mocs. I would like to state for the record that I think it’s awesome that FP started out with a mommy blogger hand sewing each moc and is now in Nordstrom. Seriously, that is the dream (and hey Nordy’s, I know a headband shop that would love to stock your shelves). But, it has to be said that the prices of FP are a bit steep. There are a million moc shops out there and they all feature the same basic look. G isn’t walking yet (duh) so he puts very little wear and tear on shoes – my only concern is how fast he grows and how little use he may get out of them if he hits a growth spurt. With that in mind, I found these babies on Amazon. That’s right, I found the perfect shade of Clemson orange, Prime elligible, $25 leather baby mocs. And I am super pleased with them. Side note: it appears that the Clemson orange is sold out, but the other colors are adorable 
(we may just need the red ones!)
Ok, if you’re traveling and your baby is formula fed, you muuuust pack these bad boys in your diaper bag. Single use (you may need to double up if you have a piglet like I do), tiny packages and easy to tear open with your teeth? Um, yes please. I made the rookie mistake of not taking these on my first solo flight and I can assure you that I will never do that again. Sorry to the man who sat next to us and ended up with formula powder all over his pants after I attempted to scoop a bottle while holding a screaming baby in a tiny airplane seat. 
I’ve had a tough time finding true outerwear for a baby size 0-3 or 3-6 months. I realized that the baby shouldn’t wear puffy outerwear in his car seat, but it’s cold here and our kid needs to layer. Thankfully, I found this precious vest size 0-3 months….it is the tiniest thing ever. Bonus: it’s fleece lined, warm and cute as all get out.
We bottle feed so our dishwasher is always running. 
We toss all of our bottles into the top rack of the dishwasher and this little gem keeps our nipples and the rings that hold the nipples (nipple rings? no, that’s def not it) all together in one place. When the dishwasher finishes the cycle, we open the basket and dump it out on our drying rack. Justin prefers that we put them all back together and then store them in the rack but ain’t nobody got time for that.
I’m going to go out of order form the graphic and talk about our swing.
Our baby effing loves this thing. Sorry for the semi swear, but I want to ensure that his feelings are appropriately articulated. He naps in his swing every day, twice a day, It’s his absolute fave. It plays music, vibrates, can be cranked up to resemble that giant boat ride at Busch Gardens and has a little bear mobile. Plus, I have it positioned just right so that he can watch Dr. Phil while he’s dozing off. I’m a nice mom. Bonus: the design is very clean and the pattern is gender neutral and decidedly not babyish. As far as a swing goes, I love ours. Buuuuuuut…..we bought this particular model because it has a bouncy seat attached. That sounded like a great idea – two products in one. You can pop out the bouncy seat and it vibrates and bounces all over the place. But once you pop it out, you lose the baby bear mobile. There isn’t a single thing for the baby to watch, attempt to grab or gnaw on. Gray lost interest in being in that bouncy seat after he was a few weeks old. 
So, off I went to find the cheapest bouncy seat of all time. I felt like we invested a ton in the swing/bouncer combo and I didn’t want to buy another expensive thing for him to sit in. I literally bought the cheapest bouncer with toys attached that I could get my hands on – I used a Cartwheel and a store coupon which brought the price down significantly. Also, Wal-Mart has cheaper bouncers than the one I bought, which I did not know at the time. Anyways, ours vibrates, is light weight, tacky and full of dangling noise makers and mirrors. G loves it. We actually move it from room to room – and can bounce it with our feet to keep him happy. It’s basically the only way we can eat dinner together anymore. 
And, for the grand finale, our infant car seat.
I love this thing. 
It has amazing safety ratings, is so, so easy to get in and out of our car and is easy to adjust as he grows. We took him home from the hospital in this car seat and the day he out grows it I will literally have a mommy meltdown. 
Seriously, huge fan over here. When he does grow out of it, we will stick with this brand for his big boy car seat because we’ve been so pleased with our current model. 
And there it is – another baby rec list in the books! 
As always, let me know if you think I missed something!