Dudes, thanks so much for hanging on for the emotional roller coaster ride that was yesterday’s post
I am grateful for all of your words of support and so honored that my jumbled writing struck a chord with many of you. 
I won’t lie, writing posts like yesterday’s little gem honestly drain me emotionally. Putting yourself out there and bracing for the feedback can leave a girl just plain old exhausted. Thankfully, today’s post is going to rescue us from the emotional overdrive. 
Brace yourselves for a change of pace.
Behold, the best jeggings that I have ever owned.
Yep, even better than the AG pair from Anthro….
and as a bonus, 
take a look at my new favorite leggings.
Thick, dark and with a cute zipper ankle.
I’m going back to buy a second pair while they’re on sale.
And, where are these babies from?
I’m guessing ya’ll are going to be shocked when you see.
P.S. check out that price point!
We all know that I somehow gained my baby weight in my thighs, and as I’m sensitive to that area, I would never reccomend a pair of pants that I wouldn’t put my own behind into.
I rocked the jeggings all day Saturday (a 4 hour car ride, baby in a bar situation, football game and the longest school bus shuttle ride back to the hotel ever) and they were super comfy. I never had to pull them up or wiggle them around to get my muffin top back in (you know the move I’m talking about). One of my girlfriends commented on them and asked me where they were from….she laughed out loud when I told her. I couldn’t blame her, I literally had not set foot in an American Eagle since 1993 so I had no clue they had great denim until I was wandering through our super glam local mall. What can I say? I had been gifted a little alone time by my husband and was making every second count. Dick’s Sporting Goods? Sure! Claire’s? Why not? American Eagle? Buy all of the pants! 
Anyway, you can see my milkshake bringing the boys to the Harvard Yard in the zippered ankle leggings in this super natural, unposed action shot. 

See any undies? 
Didn’t think so.
Pro Tip: when shopping for leggings, be sure to wear red and pink striped undies. Even the best fitting room mirrors won’t be able to disguise those stripes if they’re showing through your leggings. 
In all seriousness, I was super comfortable and felt like all my parts were tucked in and contained in these leggings with this chambray top and an easy pair of flats
Go ahead, go try them on, you’ll thank me!