Thank ya’ll so much for your understanding and support on yesterday’s post. 
I honestly wasn’t fishing for compliments – per usual, I was just putting it all out there so that anyone else feeling the same way knew they had company – but it sure didn’t hurt to hear them! 
After I hit publish on The Body, I decided to take the muffin top by the squish and put my Wading Through The Postpartum Waters Plan into action. I spent yesterday morning in the fitting room of Old Navy, Starbucks in hand, game face on. I attempted to find the biggest fitting room with the best lighting and convinced the baby to nap through the entire process, just to hedge my bets. 
I also sent every single item that I tried on to Megan for back up commentary. 

| plum waffle | cropped skinnies |

Side note: is that normal? do ya’ll text endless fitting room selfies to your girlfriends in rapid fire succession? 
Just us? 

As far as what made it into said fitting room, I stuck with classic pieces that will flatter the body that I’m currently rocking. It took all of the pride swallowing that I could handle but I didn’t look at any of the tags. Instead, I chose sizes that were comfortable and appropriate (imagine that!). I also made the very concerted effort to choose basics that aren’t necessarily super trendy so that I can keep them in my wardrobe long term. 

| top | pants |

Ignore the hair. I had no idea this would be a blogable moment. 

So guess what? I actually did really well! I never expected a random shopping trip on a Tuesday morning to turn into a confidence booster (shocking huh?) but I think it may have been just what I needed. My haul included: a pair of olive khaki skinnies, a shirt dress in a sweet print, two waffle knit tees that will layer perfectly and two charcoal grey tops. It took everything I had to not buy any black….no comments on the charcoal. Believe it or not, I bought everything that I tried on. That never happens – or it least hasn’t happened in forever. I have a sneaking suspicion that my efforts to grab the correct size (no matter how large) might have something to do with my fitting room home run. 

Editor’s Note: I want to include the pricing on my haul so that ya’ll know that it’s possible to update your postpartum wardrobe for less than $100. 

My total bill for 4 tops, 1 pair of pants and 1 dress was $104.

I had a 20% my entire purchase coupon for signing up for Old Navy emails which brought my bill down to $84. On top of that, Old Navy is currently handing out their Super Cash, so I earned $30 for a future purchase. 

Not bad, right?

Sizing revelation in mind, I went through my closet as soon as I got home.
I realized that I had been rocking jeans that were two full sizes too big because they were comfy. They may have been comfy but they were also loose and sloppy. Not good. Now I’ll wear the pair that fits my current shape….. and ok fine, I will make an honest effort to do my own laundry more regularly so that I have zero excuses to live in sweatpants.

Big and comfy. Not a good look.
So long, boyfriend jeans.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the items that fit and flatter over the coming weeks, just in case you find yourself stuck in a pair of pre-baby jeggings that have cut off circulation to your feet. No judgement. I’ve so been there.

Did y’all read the comments on yesterday’s post??
I loved all of your tips and suggestions – especially Anna’s Buy All New Panties Plan! I think that may be the next step in operation kick the Fourth Tri’s ass!