Oh holy hannah, we made it to Friday.
It was quite a week around here….lots of low level whining and fussing.
G had a grumpy week, too.

Believe it or not, we are hitting the skies again this weekend!
Justin is traveling south for work and G and I are tagging along. We’ll be hotel living for a few days then heading to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Justin’s family. (If you’re thinking of breaking into our house and stealing all of our wine, please be kind and take the expensive ones so we can claim it on our homeowners. The cheap shit isn’t worth the effort.)
And after all of that, G and I are headed to Meg’s house for 9 whole days!
Yes, I am that friend who shows up at your house with her infant (who sometimes doesn’t sleep through the night) and then crashes for 9 whole days.

I can’t wait to snuggle in our coordinating “thanks for letting us come visit for a millennium” pajamas that Gray sent to Meg and Liv!

| ours | his | hers |

My parents are appalled that I would ever be someone’s house guest for so long but I literally cannot wait to see Meg, Liv, Ryan and some Texas sun! We have tons of work to do and even more playing to do with the babes so it will be a hell of a trip.

Anyways, my point was that over the next almost 4 weeks, I won’t be home in Maine! Prepare yourselves for lots of travel posts, living with a baby in a hotel posts, decorating your home for the holidays while it’s on the market posts and a few fun things I have lined up in the give away department. 
And now for today’s Can’t Live Without It:
A good sale!
I posted my Christmas Wish List this week and two of the most popular items were the C. Wonder Agate Coasters and gorgeous Alpaca Blend Throw….and guess what?
They are currently both 30% off and if purchased together, qualify for free shipping!
That makes the total for both gorgeous pieces just $116! 
(for reference, the coasters are normally $98 on their own)
I think these would be the perfect gift for your best friend (who prob has everything) or your mom (who you obviously inherited your good taste from).
I know Black Friday is coming up but I don’t love Black Friday/Cyber Monday….it overwhelms me and stresses me out….and honestly, Thanksgiving weekend is meant for family, not waiting in line at 2am (in my humble opinion) so I’m going to be an early bird and jump on the sales ASAP. I just had to share the C. Wonder sale with ya’ll and if you order either piece let me know if you love it!
Have a fabulous weekend ya’ll and I’ll see you Monday from Greenville, South Carolina