Oh guys, this suit.
So, ya’ll know that I’m on the hunt for the perfect mom suit to lasso my ladies/wrangle my backside/work some miracles and I really, really thought this suit would be the one.
Fact: I have even seen it on other mamas on Instagram and thought “oh, look how fab they are!”
Not so much.
If you are trim and slim, and want to be appropriate at the pool or disguise a few teensy stretch marks, then honestly, this suit is for you. It’s really quite beautiful. I ordered the suit in navy because it’s on sale but the classic black is just so chic.
and yes, this is a big BUT,
if you have any bulges, lumps or bumps in your midsection that you are hoping to disguise then please gawd do not try this suit on.
See that gorgeous crochet pattern?
Go ahead, take a look, especially around the model’s belly button area…
Yeah, that pattern stretches out over lumps and distorts, drawing the eye to your puffier sections.
I happened to have a crocheted flower just over my belly button that went from a sweet knit daisy to a Venus Fly Trap the second it hit my mama belly. 
Enough said.
And the hunt continues.