So, I’m having a moment.
 Things are a little bonkers around here.
Megan just said to me, “so, you move next week?” and I literally threw up in my mouth.
How can that be? We move in one week…. I’m not quite sure what punctuation so put at the end of that sentence, so I’ll just let ya’ll use your imagination. 
With our days in Maine rapidly dwindling, I’m a hot mess of emotions. I would guess the current color of my second grade mood ring would be a strong shade of Overwhelmed. To cope, I’m putting together a list of things that I’m loving in our Maine house. You know, just paying a little homage to our first home as a family of three. 
Obviously, my favorite room in our house is Gray’s Nursery.
I worked so hard on that sweet little room for my babe and still get a thrill out of the decor details.

Nursery aside, my favorite spot in our house is this little corner of our Living Room
Even with wind gusts of 30 miles an hour (blizzard conditions, no big deal) and temps hitting -20 degrees (the exact weather when these photos were taken), the sun still shines through that window. In Maine, that is something to celebrate. 
| mercury hurricane | driftwood sphere | tray
I have known since the day I met Justin that we would move a lot for his career – and that I would marry him – but that’s a story for another day. With that in mind, I’ve made the conscious effort to choose a decor style that can fit into any house – our last home was new construction, this home is one hundred and ten years old and our next home is, at this point, a temporary apartment. 

| blanket  (cheaper blanket) | pillow covers both old, similar navy | similar (and much cheaper) animal print |

The color of the walls in this room, our foyer, the staircase and our second floor hall way is Ben Moore’s Palladian Blue. It’s such a sweet shade of blueish green that picks up the natural light so well. It pairs beautifully with shades of grey in the blue family (which we have in our kitchen), dark blues (our formal dining room is Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue) and both painted and stained wood. 
| sofa | coffee table similar
I made the art piece on the wall with a large canvas from Hobby Lobby, a handful of paints and a pre-fab frame. The two small gold framed pieces are two of my favorite travel souvenirs – two $5 prints from a road side stand in Aruba. They bring just the right amount of color and style to a thin strip of wall that needed some love. 

| side table |  large silver frame | floor lamp |

And oh this rug. 
(I get more questions about this rug on Insta and via email than any other detail in our home!) 
So, so inexpensive, soft, rugged and able to take Lab hair and baby vomit like a champ.
Sadly, this exact rug is sold out in all sizes but I found an exact copy here

To the left of the grey sofa is Justin’s man chair, his main perch for screaming at the Clemson Tigers while they play football.

Directly to the right of the tan sofa is Gray’s giant play yard, his main perch for listening to the same baby jam on repeat, gnawing on things and screeching at the Clemson Tigers while they play football.

And for the emotional high point of today’s post, I give you this little gem:
no matter how many times you move, each house holds so many memories and so much love that when push comes to shove, it’s hard to part with.

Phew, that’s over. I think tossing the Maine house a little public love takes the pressure off the fact that I don’t really have the time to process that we’re leaving this puppy for good.
Thanks for indulging me, your job as my collective therapist is officially fulfilled for the week day. Promise!

Fingers crossed that we have a new house in South Carolina to talk about soon!